Area Rug Styles for Your Decor

You’ve heard plenty of area rug terms thrown around when it comes to interior decorating.  But do you know what the heck they’re talking about?  When you’re decorating a room, an area rug may be just the right tool to bring in texture or add color to a room – and if you’re decorating on a budget, area rugs tend to be the better choice in terms of cost.  Now in terms of terms, here are several styles available in area rugs:

Braided Rugs

The all-time classic area rug, the braided rug uses yarn or fabric braided into strips and the strips are sewn together.  They’re usually found in round or oval shapes.  Braided rugs were first made of strips of extra fabric, and later became an art form.  Antique braided rugs are considered folk art, and are highly prized, particularly Amish examples.

A braided rug is best used in a more casual setting, and they look spectacular in rustic or country décor.

Flokati Rugs

Flokati rugs originated in Greece, and are quite recognizable with their 3 to 4 inch pile, usually found in white.  Originally made in wool, synthetics are now available as well.  They’re super soft and comfy underfoot, and your pets will love them!  Flokati rugs are usually found in smaller sizes, and work well next to a bed or couch where you can sink your toes in them.  They add excellent texture to a room and are usually used in contemporary and casual rooms.

Contemporary Style Area Rugs

If you’ve ever seen a bold, odd shaped area rug that almost reminds you of art, then you’ve seen a contemporary area rug.   Obviously, they work best in more contemporary and modern room styles, as they have bright colors and can have unusual shapes.  They often become one of the focal points or defining elements in the room.

Persian and Oriental Rugs

Persian rugs are a specific type of Oriental rug.  They’re known for their bold colors, many with a deep rust background, with geometric, floral or pictorial designs with a fairly busy pattern.  More recent examples of Persian style rugs are also made in China, India and Turkey, thus the more general term, Oriental rug.  If you're considering an authentic Persian rug, make sure you're not actually buying one of the Chinese or Indian examples, as they are less valuable.

Persian rugs are quite durable and hold very up in high traffic areas.  Literally, the older examples were woven for use in the desert, so they should be able to withstand your living room.  They tend to be used in traditional rooms and work well in casual settings.  Nothing beats the look of an older oriental rug on a hardwood floor.

While older oriental rugs can cost due to their collectability, newer styles with more muted colors are available in the Oriental rug genre.

Transitional Area Rugs

An area rug that isn’t Oriental, European nor contemporary is usually considered transitional, so it covers a wide category.  They usually combine elements from the more traditional rugs with an updated look to fit in any style of room.