Art Glass Accessories

How would you like to have a home accessory that not only looks nice, but can appreciate in value?  Art glass can do just that.  Investing in an art glass collection involves buying the best you can afford and knowing the products that you are collecting. 

How do you start collecting art glass to use as accessories in your home?  Read and shop – two of my favorite things.  Read all you can on the subject, learning the different types of glass.  Window shop and become familiar with what’s available and how much it costs.

While Ebay is great for picking up deals on collectible art glass, you don’t get to feel it and see it in person before your purchase, and this is an important aspect of learning collectibles.  As you get to know the glass better, you’ll be able to tell just by feeling or looking at a piece if it is a modern reproduction or a piece of Victorian art glass.

There are many types of art glass available, and many art glass is still quite affordable making them oh-so usable in home decorating as well.

Victorian Art Glass

Handmade glass from the late 19th Century is still available and plentiful in the secondary market.  While some pieces can command premium prices, unsigned pieces are still quite nice and able to be found for under $50.  Some of the signatures and makers to be aware of are Webb, Moser, Mt. Washington and Stevens and Williams.

One hot collectible type of Victorian art glass is bride’s baskets.  These whimsical and colorful art glass bowls are often found on silverplated stands and make lovely centerpieces or look quite nice in traditional and formal dining rooms and living rooms.

Italian Art Glass

The most popular type of Italian art glass that is used for home accessories is Murano glass, handblown whimsical accessories handmade in the Murano area of Italy.  While still available in stores today, the most collectible pieces are from the 1950’s and 1960’s and bear labels of the makers Barbini, Seguso and Venini.

Venetian glass is a type of Murano glass that is known for being colorful, elaborate, and skillfully made.  It’s characterized in part by its delicacy, which can make it difficult to find undamaged pieces. 

Contemporary Art Glass

There are many talented glass artisans working today.  It’s important to distinguish between the one of a kind works of art and art glass that is mass produced.  The pieces of art glass found in discount stores will not appreciate in value.  Although they are attractive and look nice as accessories, they will never be worth more than you paid for them.  Their value is purely decorative and while attractive, they are not what you want to collect in art glass.

Bottom Line

Collecting art glass can not only be fun and profitable, but can add one of a kind accessories to your home.  Buy the best you can afford and know your art glass inside and out before you invest in a collection.