Bathroom Vanity Mirrors

Bathroom mirrors serve many functional purposes, from helping us floss, shave, apply makeup, and dress each day. But bathroom vanity mirrors are also highly decorative elements, and if used strategically and creatively, bathroom vanity mirrors can become the focal point of your entire bath area!

Types of Vanity Mirrors

There are myriads of mirrors to choose from, in a wide array of shapes, sizes, and styles, to match every taste and every budget. Options include simple shower glass mirrors, fogless mirrors, antique mirrors, contemporary mirrors, stand-alone mirrors, wall-to-wall mirrors, , over-the-sink mirrors, bathroom vanity set mirrors, medicine cabinet mirrors, framed and unframed mirrors, stenciled mirrors, decorate-it-yourself mirrors, and more.

Vanity Mirrors and Lighting

The correct lighting and mirror combination will enhance the effect of your bathroom décor and can even create the optical illusion of increased space and depth (which can be especially effective in a small bathroom). By select placement of vanity mirrors, they can illuminate dark corners and walls, create a mood, reflect your favorite bathroom furnishings and accessories, give an airy feeling to your bath space, and most of all reflect and diffuse light to increase spaciousness.

To best show off your bathroom design, try hanging mirrors in innovative and different ways to create dramatic and unique effects. Hanging light fixtures overtop of mirrors increases the amount of light in the room, and placed correctly, bathroom vanity mirrors can even double up as an additional lighting fixture. Some of the most technologically advanced trends in modern bathroom accessories include mirrors with built-in lighting, which can be installed not only in and around the bathing are but inside the shower stall. Also popular today are vanity mirror-lighting combinations based on a theme or reflecting a particular style or period.

Vanity Mirror Frames

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a picture frame - and likewise a vanity mirror frame - can be worth a lot more. Mirror frames are not merely onlookers; mirror frames are showstoppers and centerpieces in their own right. Vanity mirror frames set the tone, period, and design style of your bathroom décor, transforming a basic functional item into a customized design element.

For an antique look, embellish your bathroom mirror with an iron (oxidation-resistant) frame, or a frame made from elaborate metal or wood. Antique mirror designs frequently feature fine artistry and craftsmanship from the past, adding interest, drama, and touch of class to your bathroom vanity.

For a contemporary look, frameless circular or square-shaped bathroom mirrors with built-in lighting are popular and are a good fit with other high-tech bathroom fixtures and accessories. Ultra-modern designs are typically minimalist, meaning they feature fewer embellishments or ornate design elements, favoring instead clean sleek lines and an emphasis on high function combined with understated, sophisticated fashion. Some modern vanity mirrors use glass and chrome frame combinations, or wood, ceramic, and aluminum frames with an original and unique architecture or texture.

For a bathroom improvement that reflects your good taste, strong sense of style, and innovative flair for fashion, decorate with bathroom vanity mirrors today.