5 Ways to Update Your Bedroom on a Budget

If you’re beginning to get bored of your bedroom, but you don’t want to splash the cash on a complete makeover, then simply updating your bedroom is an easy compromise. Here are our tips for a new bedroom without breaking the bank.

Make the Bed Your Focal Point

If your bed has seen better days, then it may well be worth replacing it. You can find cheap beds quite easily on the internet. Your bed should be dramatic, yet comfortable. It should scream luxury, with layers of sheets, throws and cushions in a variety of fabrics and textures.

Update the Art

A simple way to transform the way a room feels is to change up the wall art. Whether you swap with another room or you sell your old stuff and get new art in, you can play up certain colours from the rest of the room or inject a new colour into it. The feel of a room can be changed completely just by what you have on the walls.

Paint an Accent Wall

Painting a wall in an accent colour instantly updates your bedroom. Bring colour and depth into your room with an accent wall, and create a focal point at the same time. Make it cool and urban with a dark grey, or fun and playful with a bubblegum pink. A great way to save money too, painting an accent wall costs a lot less than painting the entire room.

Swap Your Textiles

Pick out a different colour from the rest of your room and enhance it with the fabrics you use in your curtains and rugs. You can make curtains and rugs yourself quite easily with no sew instructions on the internet; all you have to do is buy the fabric. A quick trick to make cheaper curtains more substantial is to sew (or pin) fleece to the back of them. This lines them so they let less light through, making them great for the winter.

Paint Your Furniture

Painting your furniture can be painstaking, but it offers a transformation that you’ll love. Chalk paint is in vogue at the moment, with a variety of different colours available. However, it can be made at home as a less expensive option for those on a budget.