Tips for Decorating the Perfect Bedroom

Not just somewhere to sleep, your bedroom is the most personal room of the house and the place where you should really be able to relax. Attune it to your needs and don't be afraid to be creative. Why not add a comfortable chair to create a cosy reading corner? We know that mirrors can make a small room seem larger, so why not decorate the frames with photographs or seashells? There are plenty of simple design tips that can help you create the perfect bedroom space.


If you splash out on one thing in your bedroom, make it the bed. This is where the sheep will be counted and where you can recharge your batteries for another day at the office or with the kids. Beds with sturdy wooden frames or divans usually feel best, and if you have a small room pick something that allows under bed storage. Look for memory foam mattress toppers to add serious comfort without shelling out for a really pricey mattress. Make sure you get the best night's sleep by layering blinds and curtains. Swagged and gathered curtains in a rich shade lend the room a touch of opulent elegance.

Calming Colours

If you already have your rug, curtains and bedspread, it's probably best to pick a hue that complements these and fits in with their colour scheme. Introducing a clashing colour can make your bedroom look too busy. It's recommended that you choose a calming shade for bedroom walls as this is a place of solace where you should find it easy to switch off. If you want a splash of something richer or more vibrant, consider accenting one wall with this colour. Remember to try a paint colour before committing to it!

Patterns and Prints

Bedcovers, pillows and accent pieces like lampshades are perfect for patterns. Don't be afraid to incorporate a mixture of patterns to your room. Indulge the bed linen you really want to make bedtimes more inviting.

DIY Decorations

This is where you can really allow your personality to shine through. Collages made out of photographs, magazine cuttings and favourite artwork look stylish and unique in bedrooms. Brighten your space with fresh flowers in recycled jam jars dipped in paint or finished with coloured tape or ribbons. Out of an old corkboard you can create an interactive travel map with pins for all the places you have visited or would like to visit in the future.