Bedroom Light Switches

In the bedrooms, like the rest of the house you need a variety of lighting. In the main bedroom you want to be able to create a romantic atmosphere, while in the children's room you often need a night light.

Light Switches

One of the most important things to consider when you are arranging your bedroom lighting is where the  switches are going to be. There's nothing worse than having to get out of bed to turn the light off, except perhaps your partner waking you by putting the overhead light on! You want to make sure that your light switches work from both the door and your bedside and that you can control all your lights from each position. Of course with today's modern technology you can control everything through a computer program, but that is probably only for the Bill Gates of this world!

If you have built in bedroom furniture, it's easy to position the fixtures and the switches on either side of the bed so that you and your partner both have control. If, however, you have free standing furniture and like to move it around occasionally, you may prefer to use bedside table lights. If you choose this option, a dimmer switch for the main light is an essential.

Reading In Bed

If one of you likes reading in bed and the other doesn't, you want to make sure that you use a low enough wattage bulb so as not to disturb your partner. At the same time it has to be strong enough so you can still read without straining your eyes. One idea maybe to use a tea-light or candle, as long as you remember to put it out! Another more practical solution is to buy a specially designed clip-on book light. These often work on batteries so you can take them when you travel too! They just cost about $10 and because they use LED bulbs they seem to last forever. Of course an adjustable bedside light or one that works with a dimmer switch is another alternative.

Night Lights

In the children's room you want to be able to switch the light off from the door, and leave a night light on. You can get some very appealing night lights for small children that plug into an electric socket. Some night lights project the constellations or other patterns on the wall or ceiling and are only around $30. You can even get a florescent night sky you can stick on the ceiling, which shines in the dark.

You might also want to consider motion sensitive night lights for the hallway and bathroom. These are relatively inexpensive, as little as $8, and will give you peace of mind. With these lights you won't have to worry about the children stumbling around in the dark going to the bathroom.

Low Energy Bulbs

However you decide to light your bedroom, remember that if you choose low-energy bulbs you can help cut the cost of your electricity bills. The modern florescent low -energy bulbs have many different designs that will fit almost any light fixture. These bulbs have a good choice of white colors too, so by choosing a nice warm soft white you will set the right mood for sleep.

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