Bubble Baths

Ultimate Pampering Experience

If you're looking for the ultimate, affordable, mind-body-and-soul pampering experience - look no further than bubble baths! Bubble baths have been enjoyed by millions of adults and children around the world for centuries, yet they rival even the most contemporary luxury bath products, such as bath salts, bath bombs, bath fizzies, bath oils, spa baths, and more. You can find bath bubbles in crystal, powder, or liquid form and in myriads of soothing yet exhilarating scents and fragrances. Bubble bath is the perfect bath gift or party favor for a host of occasions, including baby showers, bridal showers, new baby celebration, sweet 16, Jack and Jill shower, and more.

Low-Cost Luxury

One of the greatest advantages of bubble baths is that unlike their high-end Jacuzzi, steam shower, and whirlpool counterparts, bath bubbles come with very affordable price tags, allowing you indulge without blowing your budget. For less than $20, you can relax your body, clear your mind, moisturize your skin, treat your body to natural oils, promote well being, and leave all your troubles behind...

You can enjoy bubble baths in the comfort of your own home or take them on the road. Look for mini-bubble-bath sets in fun travel sizes to take with you on your next holiday or vacation, or offer your host the gift of bath bubbles in a variety of rejuvenating and innovative fragrances.

Bubble Bath Benefits

There are countless benefits to bubble baths! Here are some of the more famous merits and some of the often overlooked virtues of bath time's favorite bubbly:

•- Relieves stress

•- Softens skin

•- Relaxes mind, body, and soul

•- Soothes frayed nerves

•- Economical

•- Portable

•- Environmentally friendly

•- Treats dry and itchy skin

•- Releases muscle tension

•- Soothes aching muscles and joints

•- Melts away stress

•- Promotes mental health

•- Makes bath time fun for kids and adults alike!

Bubble Bath Recipe

The beauty of bath bubbles lie in their simplicity - all you need is a tub, warm water, and of course, bath bubbles! You can buy bubble bath products (such as Mr. Bubble) or make your own bath bubbles with the aid of scores of homemade bubble bath recipes and formulas available for free on the Internet.

How to Take a Bubble Bath

•1. Turn on and adjust bath water to the temperature of your choice.

•2. Add recommended amount of bath bubbles (or a capful) into the running water, which will activate the bubbles.

•3. Close taps when the tub has filled.

•4. Replenish bath with hot water as needed.

•5. Lie back, relax, and enjoy!

Bubble Baths and Beyond

Here are some ideas on how to enhance your bubble bath experience:

•- Add scented bath oils to magnify the therapeutic benefits of bath bubbles. Indulge in heavenly fragrances such as lavender, vanilla cream, peach, fresh meadow, soft pink, and more

•- Pair bath bubbles with aromatherapy candles for the ultimate bath experience. Dim the lights, close your eyes... and enjoy the pleasures of bath time Paradise!

•- Add a pillow to support your head and neck while the foaming bath bubbles gently massage your body, releasing tension in all the right places

•- Book Lovers: Let your mind wander to faraway places as you read your favorite author or novel while soaking in a hot bubble bath...

•- To top off your tantalizing bath experience, play your favorite music as you bubble-bath your way to the beat. From Beethoven to Brandy to Backstreet Boys, any tune goes when you're enjoying a bubble bath

•- Kids' bath time will bubble over with fun as you add tear-free, dye-free, hypo-allergenic bubble bath into the tub, along with kids' favorite bath toys. Look for kids' bubble bath flavors such as cotton candy and bubble gum

•- To paraphrase Bobby Darren's famous lyrics: "Splish splash" while you're taking a bubble bath, and have fun!

Automated Bubble Bath

The classic bubble bath has been given a modern-day makeover with the advent of the Bathomatic iPhone. This fully automated digital bath filler lets you fill your bathtub remotely, as you control the water temperature, depth, bubbles, and fragrance. But this trendy treat doesn't come cheap: this convenience will set you back about $9,000 - after which you are sure to be in need of a relaxing bubble bath!