Cabin & Lodge Style Bathrooms

If you’d like a bathroom that reminds you of that great vacation at the lodge or a log cabin in the woods, lodge style bathrooms can be just the getaway you need on hectic weekday mornings. 

If the rustic, lodge look fits into your home, or you happen to be lucky enough to have a log cabin in the woods, lodge furnishings don’t have to go to the extreme to get the look for that lodge feel.

Natural Wood

Get back to basics and surround yourself with plenty of wood in natural finishes.  Knotty pine is the perfect wood for a lodge style bathroom, and it can be stained to highlight the imperfections to make the most of the look.

While many advise against wood floors in the bathroom, it can be done.  We have the original pine flooring in our bathroom and it’s over 100 years old.  Use throw rugs and seal floors to keep wood from being damaged by the moisture. 

Lodge Style Bathroom Fixtures

With the popularity of lodge and cabin style decorating, there are a host of bathroom fixtures to slip right into your bathroom décor.  Natural finishes are preferred, and copper and wrought iron add great rustic touches to the fixtures without having to replace them to get the look.

Lodge Style Accessories

Have some fun with the accessories, and remember, the lodge and cabin style come straight from a hunting or fishing retreat in the woods, so old lures can be a budget decorating trick, as can old fishing poles and even a hunting cap.   Stone is another element that works into the décor.  Any natural outdoor element is right at home in the lodge style.

Lodge Style Lighting

Wrought and copper are two of the more popular finishes for lodge lighting.  There are plenty of offerings on the market, from budget style to high style, remember that you need general, task, decorative and accent lighting in each room of the house, and dimmers can allow fixtures to take on double duty.


Of course, the natural color palette is the natural choice for lodge and cabin style, but don’t get too brown or neutral.  Many lodge styles lack color, and deep, rich colors can offer a good foil for all the natural elements.  Burgundy, greens and blues can fit in the palette for accent colors.

Lodge and cabin style is so much fun to shop for, with all the offerings on the market, you can really make some great choices.  But don’t overdo it, this is a rustic style, and too much will make it look overdone.