Children's Bathrooms

You are one lucky person if you don’t have to share a bathroom with the kids.  Before you even start to decorate it, take a moment of reflection on what it would be like to share with them, it will put you in a much better mood.

Let your kids participate in decorating their own bathroom.  If they have a hand in the decoration, they just may be more interested in taking care of it.  This is one of the few rooms in the house that can use theme decorating, but if you’re decorating for more than one child, especially different genders, good luck!


Start with a neutral base.  Your goal is to change the less expensive accessories in the room rather than wall colors and any fixtures as your children grow up.


Use artwork or wall stickers to decorate the walls for instant impact that can be changed to the whim of a child, or the latest release of a new Disney movie.  As for the artwork, with a computer and a printer, any artwork becomes affordable.  Sit down with your child to pick out appropriate images for artwork, print it out on stock paper and add a standard sized frame for a custom made budget piece of wall art. 


The more the better – something inside the shower or bath to hold toys helps to keep down the clutter and hide it.  A mesh bag or basket hung from removable stick on hooks is an inexpensive option to keep them hidden. 

Cabinets and shelves hung on the wall are just begging for an accident for storage unless they’re completely out of reach, even if they climb on the toilet.  Believe me, even a towel bar can become a jungle gym in a kid’s bath.


If you have smaller children, don’t forget safety features:

  • Cabinet Locks – Keep harmful cleaners out of reach or under lock and key;
  • Toilet latches – For toddler’s, toilet latches may be in order with a smaller kid sized portable in the room to use;
  • Hot water – Make sure to set the hot water heater to a lower temperature – hot water can scald and burn children; and
  • Plug covers – use them all over the house, including the bathroom.

Decorating a kid’s bathroom is going to be a work in progress as they grow up.  Use a neutral background and inexpensive accessories and artwork for color and décor.  Don’t go for the timeless classics, go for easy-to-update for decorating children’s bathrooms.