Choosing A Popcorn Popper

It used to be that unless you went to a movie theater, you couldn't get really great popcorn without digging out a large heavy-bottomed pot, turning on your burner, and shake, shake, shaking that pot. It wasn't really that much work, but you did need to add a great deal of oil to keep the corn from scorching.

Hot-Air Popper

Then along came the hot-air corn popper. This small appliance could pop corn with hot air so that no fat was needed. This was a very hot item—if you'll excuse the pun—for health pundits looking for a way to nosh without the fat. But there was a drawback in that salt didn't take to hot-air popped popcorn and the resulting treat had a flat flavor.

Besides, the microwave oven was born and the manufacturers soon figured out how to preset cycles just for popcorn-making. The popcorn poppers were soon relegated to the high shelf in the kitchen, or to the attic or garage where they gathered dust. But while most people think of the microwave as the only method around for popping corn, others feel that microwave popcorn sacrifices flavor for speed and convenience. Popcorn makers are enjoying a comeback.

Always Stylish

Popcorn as a snack has never gone out of style. It's economical, easy to make, and fun to eat. But the method by which it is popped seems to be ever-evolving. Some people say the old fashioned stove-top method is fun and gives the tastiest popcorn, but others are looking at popcorn makers to see if they can get that home-cooked taste without the fuss.

If you're considering purchasing a popcorn-popper, look for one that will give you the results you want. If you care more about flavor than calories, go for a model that uses a small amount of oil. If you want a healthier treat, go for the hot-air popper. Make the most out of your popcorn by purchasing the best popping corn you can buy. You'll find that fewer unpopped kernels are left behind.

Microwave Popcorn Makers

Microwave popcorn makers may be a bit more work than the ready-to-pop microwaveable popcorn, but you'll get more flavorful popcorn with this special popper or dish made just for this purpose. You'll need to buy regular popcorn. Wait for the compliments!

Healthy Treat

Hot-air popcorn makers are almost as easy as microwave popcorn and older children can operate these machines on their own. They come in a large variety of capacities, prices, and styles. They pop corn fast and are easy to clean. You get a healthy, no-fat treat, but if you like your popcorn salty, this is not for you. The salt doesn't stick without some fat.

Theater-style popcorn machines may be worth the purchase if you are big into popcorn for a crowd. You can get a countertop model or shoot for the stand units that make huge amounts. Kids and adults will love to watch the show. You'll need to locate a source for the right type of corn and the butter flavoring that is used with these machines.