Designer Beds for Under $150

Give your bedroom a professionally designed look for under $150 in just a weekend...

Still using that old metal frame from your college days?  Never quite got around to getting that expensive bedroom suite you thought you would buy some day?   Save your money and give your bedroom a  weekend budget update for under $150.  Make a designer headboard to pull together any look or theme of your dream bedroom.


Staple gun
Tape measure


Spray Adhesive - $5 (hardware store)
Plywood - $25 (hardware store)
Upholstery foam - $25 (Fabric Shop)
Batting - $20 (Fabric Shop)
Upholstery fabric - $50 - $70 (Fabric Shop or there is plenty available online)

Getting Started

Measure your bed frame and decide on how wide and tall you wish to make the headboard. It should be 2-3 inches wider than your mattress. As for height, at least 18" of the headboard should be visible from the mattress.  The more height to the headboard, the more drama it can add to your bedroom. You’ll have to decide now whether you want it hung on the wall or if you’re going to have legs.

Have the plywood cut to size, often this can be done for you at the larger hardware ‘big box’ stores, sweet talk them in to 'canting' the corners for you or shaping them if you'd like a softer, more traditional headboard.

Cut a sheet of upholstery foam the same size of the plywood. Lay the foam over the plywood and secure it in place with the spray adhesive.  Don’t let the foam hang over the side of the plywood

Cover the foam with a sheet of batting. Cut it 4" to 6" inches larger than the plywood. Hold one side of the batting and have someone hold the other side and pull it taut. Place on top of foam. Make sure there is no puckering because it will show through the fabric. Flip is over so it’s face down and use the staple gun to secure the batting to the back of the plywood.

Lay a sheet out on the floor to protect your fabric, now lay the fabric facedown on the sheet.  Lay the headboard on top and pull the fabric tight to make sure there are no wrinkles.

Start at the top right in the middle and staple the fabric to the back, make sure if there is a pattern that it is centered on the headboard. Pull it just enough to get the fabric smooth on the front.

When you have about 8" of the top stapled, go to the bottom edge and do the same. Staple the sides making sure your fabric is still centered . Now you can staple the fabric up the corners. When it is stapled up to the corner just pull on the leftover fabric, fold it neatly and staple to the back.

Now staple the fabric to the sides, folding over the outer sides and stapling it  to the back. Make sure the corners look neat from the front.

Measure and attach 1x4's for legs for the headboard to the back with screws. Place the headboard against the bed frame and bolt 1 inch by 4 inch board, one on each side of course, to the pre-existing holes in the bed frame.

If you’re feeling really adventurous, you can use buttons to get an even more professional look.  You’ll need a button covering kit from any craft shore, and just predrill small holes in the plywood where you’re going to want your buttons. The holes are to pull and secure the thread for attaching the buttons as the last step.