Dining Room Accessories

Accessorizing your dining room is a dilemma for most homeowners and finding appropriate accessories for the dining room is challenging for even the most persistent shopper.  There are timeless classics and trendy accessory advice for your dining room that can help you when doing a makeover on your dining room on a budget.

Needful  Notions

Your ‘good china’ can pull double duty for display in your dining room.  Use it to decorate a side table or buffet – not only can you create a stunning grouping with it, but it’s one less item to store and can free up some much needed storage space. 

Portable Pairings

For more formal dining rooms, pairings and symmetry add a touch of elegance.  For more casual dining rooms, try odd numbered groupings.  Use that serving piece mentioned above between a pair of classic brass candlesticks for an elegant look.    What a look the candlelight can give to your serving piece.

Make sure your accessories in the dining room are fairly easy to move, if you need to set up a buffet line or switch seating arrangements, you want to be able to move the accessories  if necessary.

Appetizing Art

Displaying a collection in the dining room can personalize the room and protect your delicate items from the more high traffic rooms, and they make good conversation starters to boot.  Make sure they’re appropriate for the room – they don’t have to be food or eating relating, just make sure you’re not displaying your collection of antique surgical tools where your guests have to admire them next to their rare steaks.  Not the most appetizing subject matter.  Provocative, dark and distracting art and accessories should be avoided as well.

Scintillating Centerpieces

Centerpieces are perfect for making your dining room table the focal point of your dining room.  Make sure the centerpiece is easy to move when you’re going to be using the table, as it can distract from the food and even obscure views.  If you plan on leaving it in place for less formal dining room use, keep the size appropriate, not too wide and not too tall. 

Crafty Candles

For accent and decorative lighting candles can work wonders as a dining room accessory.  Try a large glass hurricane shade over a candle on a sterling silver bread plate for an elegant look – a pair of these on a buffet will look stunning.  Pedestal candles grouped together add drama and lighting.  Candelabras can add a vintage or old world charm to the room.  Use candles in neutral colors or to match an accent color – they shouldn’t detract from your décor, but add to it.

Choose your dining room accessories carefully – they don’t have to be expensive or formal, but a personal, decorative touch to stimulate the decor, the conversation and the appetite.