Flower Gardens

Flowers for All Seasons

Bring color, fragrance, and natural beauty to your garden with seasonal garden flowers! From early spring through early fall, expect different types of flowers to blossom. At the end of April you can spot daisies, pansies, and crocuses. Next to blossom in early May are narcissuses, followed in June by carnations, poppies, and peonies. In the summer month of July you can delight in the lily, iris, hand bell, and delphinium. Finally, gracing your garden in August are the late-blooming aster, gladiolas, and dahlia. Whether you choose annual or perennial flowers, garden flowers are sure to enhance your landscaping and the appeal of your home.

Tropical Garden Flowers

If you have a taste for the tropics and your property receives abundant sunlight, you can decorate your garden, patio, poolside, and deck with one-of-a-kind tropical flowers. Sure to receive a standing ovation as a colorful addition to your outdoor spaces, tropical flowers require ample amounts of water and at least six hours of direct sunlight per day. If you live in a cool climate, you can still bask in the beauty of tropical flowers by growing them in containers that can be brought inside during cold seasons. A popular tropical garden plant is the bougainvillea, a bush/tree that flourishes even with irregular watering and that features breathtakingly bright-colored flowers. Beware, however, of the bougainvillea's prickly thorns.

Japanese Gardens

For a soul-inspiring, artistic, natural garden, consider the scenic features of a Japanese garden. Japanese garden rocks are utilized as building blocks, ornaments, garden benches, stepping stones, and even as the centerpiece of your entire garden. You and your guests can bask in the tranquility and soothing sounds of moving water with Japanese garden small ponds and waterfalls, and enjoy the view of trees, shrubs, rocks, sand, and small hills.

Scented Flower Gardens

Nothing says fragrance like roses and rose gardens! Roses come in a variety of scents and colors, and grow as climbing/ trailing roses or bush roses. Types of roses include Hybrid Tea Floribundas (perfect for hedges and low edges), and Miniatures (typically found in window boxes, your flower garden, and as house plants). Considered flower masterpieces, roses have the additional benefit of being easy to grow (even for green thumb novices!), being disease resistant, and attracting butterflies.

Whether you select local familiar plants or unusual, exotic varieties, enjoy creating the garden of your dreams with fabulous garden flowers today!