A French Style Bedroom

The French are the epitome of everything stylish, whether its fashion or architecture, but their effortlessly chic interior design that has got us salivating here. From Toile de Jouy to Fleur de Lys, if you’re craving French, then we’ve got the remedy. We’ve put together a short guide to make your bedroom chic and beautifully French.


The colours of a French room are generally light and airy, so think pastel blues, antique white and creams. A controlled, serene palette will create a calming ambience and a tranquil atmosphere. For a more contemporary feel, try something darker in a purple, gold or red.


Any pattern can feel French in a pastel blue, but if you want something exclusively French, then you’ve got a few patterns to choose from, including Toile de Jouy. Usually a pastoral or figural scene on a bleached background, you can’t get more French than Toile de Jouy. You could also go for fleur de lis or rococo patterns.

The Bed

The bed should be the main feature of the room. An investment piece, your bed should be big, luxurious and beautiful. If you can’t afford to splash out on a huge bed, or maybe you just don’t have room, then you can easily make your bed into a luxurious affair simply by investing on a decadent headboard and layers upon layers of bedding.

The bedding you use is the secret to a French style bedroom. Again, stick to light colours, but go tonal and use variations on the same colour. Using different textures and finishes, layer on the blankets, throws and cushions.

The Furniture

For the rest of your furniture, go for a light coloured painted wood or a cherry wood for a distinctly French feel. Vintage inspired and shabby chic pieces create a provincial vibe and add to the antique decadence of a bygone era. Casual yet elegant, and gracefully aged are the furniture pieces to snap up.


Whether you opt for pieces that are modern but take inspiration from the French style or you look for the genuine articles, your accessories need to add to the elegance and opulence of your bedroom. Think over the top mantel clocks and antique hat boxes and vintage suitcases.

If you need a little bit more inspiration, take a look at luxurious French Bedrooms on Pinterest.