Furnishing Children's Bedrooms

Decorating children’s rooms is a challenge, particularly if they’re old enough to talk.  But if they’re still in the ultra-cute phase before they start stringing together sentences, choosing children’s furniture presents particular points to ponder.


Obviously multi-functional is best – any furniture that can pull double duty and act as storage and have another function is a great choice for a child's room.  Seating such as storage benches that can act as toy boxes or beds with drawers underneath are hot choices for kid’s bedrooms.

Growing Pains

The most expensive aspect of furnishing a child’s room is changing the décor as they grow up.  Choosing plainer furniture and letting the paint, accessories and bedding set the décor is the most budget friendly choice.  I know it’s tempting to buy the cute nursery sets, but wouldn’t you rather have that money in a nice, interest-earning college fund?


Bunk beds are a space saving option for children who need to share a room, but are they safe?  No!  Consider that more than 36,000 children and adults suffer a bunk bed-related injury each year.  While the beds and their ladders have certainly become safer over the years, is it worth the risk?  Spring for the twin beds as a safer option.

Pint Size Furnishings

Yes, those little pint size pieces of furniture are oh-so cute, but they just aren’t practical.  They’ll be outgrown in about a year, and they set in a corner unused.  One option to consider is a small table and chair set for the play area.  There are several budget options in plastic to consider, and these tend to pop up at yard sales quite often.

Yard Sales

And speaking of yard sales, they’re the perfect place to find children’s furnishings.  Get up early one morning, make sure you have plenty of cash in small bills and hit plenty of sales – plan your route out the night before. 

Do make sure if you purchase a crib, car seat or playpen that you check the internet to make sure it is not a recalled item.  Check the website of the Consumer Product Safety Commission – www.cpsc.gov to make sure your yard sale find has no known safety issues.

Furnishing a child’s room can be a budget friendly decorating project if you skip the specialty furnishings.