Futon Bunk Beds

What piece of bedroom furniture is versatile, looks cool, serves multiple purposes, saves space, is economical, and feels great? If you answered "futon bunk beds," you're right!

What is a Futon Bunk Bed?

In case you're not familiar with the term, a bunk bed is comprised of two beds stacked one on top of the other. Bunk beds have a long tradition of being a kids' bedroom favorite and are well-known for their space-saving capacities, affordability, and sense of fun. Newer bunk-bed designs include the stairway bunk bed (considered a safer alternative to the traditional ladder bunk bed) and the loft bunk bed (consisting of only an upper bunk with empty space below to use as desired - i.e., for a desk, computer workstation, dresser, night table, storage area, and more).

However the latest and trendiest version of the classic bunk bed is the futon bunk bed. Featuring a standard twin bed on top and a full-sized futon below, which doubles as a bed and a sofa, futon beds are taking the furniture industry by storm, quickly climbing the popularity charts amongst older and younger consumers, and especially among college students and dorm dwellers. One of the appeals of futon mattresses is that traditional bedsprings are replaced with a cotton batting filling, giving rise to a softer, more flexible mattress alternative.

Futon Bunk Bed Features

Here are some of the fine features of futon bunk beds:

- Save space

- Add versatility to any room's décor

- Look modern, cool, and funky

- Available in a range of affordable prices

- Can be used as a sofa by day and a bed at night

- Choice between metal and wood frames, plain and colored frames

- Wide choice of mattresses types

- Easy to move and and light to carry

- Easier to set up and fold away than a sofa bed

- Fun yet functional piece of bedroom furniture

History of Futons

Futons have their origin in Japan, where they date back to 1875 and continue to serve as thin cotton bedding placed directly on Tatami flooring at night (no bed frame), and are folded during the day due to limited house space. Much thinner than their modern-day Western futon counterparts, Japanese futons are traditionally two inches thick, while Western futons are typically six inches thick or more. Western futons are available in an array of styles, from traditional to funky. Futon mattresses are a buyer's choice, as they are sold in various thicknesses and are made from a variety of materials (i.e. cotton, latex, foam). Before purchasing a mattress for a futon bunk bed, test for comfort by sitting/lying on the futon in the store.

Futon Bunk Beds for the Dormitory

Futon bunk beds - hands-down the most versatile beds in the industry - could have been custom-designed for the college dorm room! With the laidback, pile-on, party on, sleep-by-day and study-party-by-night style of communal dorm living, all within typically cramped quarters, the space-saving and chameleon attributes of futon bunk beds have no more fitting consumer than the teenager or college student. The futon bunk bed is a dream-come-true for students who can't afford and don't have space for multiple pieces of furniture. Futons are easy to move and fold, and are ideal for hanging out with gang, group study, watching movies, eating popcorn, playing video games, sleepovers, long talks into the wee hours of the morning, and more. Toss in some inexpensive throw pillows, a simple sofa cover, and some fresh linen, and your college dorm room has just gotten an instant makeover!

At home or away, futon bunk beds are making their way into modern bedrooms and into the hearts of their appreciative users.