Garden Fences

Garden Fencing Functions

Landscape fencing, once used solely to keep enemies and critters at bay, now has a host of new functions. Today's garden fence can serve as a decorative accent to your yard, a picture frame to your house, a means of separating flowerbeds from the rest of the lawn, as an eye-pleasing privacy protector, and as the finishing touch to your outdoor décor.

Garden Fence Features

Modern-day fences come in the gamut of lengths, heights, colors, and even shapes. Typical garden fences are made from materials such as vinyl, wood, bamboo, metal, and plastic; creative garden fences and garden borders are made of actual flowers, shrubs, and plants themselves! Some garden fences are designed to reflect your overall landscaping theme, while others add character and color to your outdoor spaces.

Types of Garden Fences

Rabbit Fencing: This practical garden fence, which looks like construction fencing, is intended to keep unwanted critters out of your vegetable patch and flowerbed. Rabbit fences are typically black or green, are sold as rolls two to four feet high, and are held in place by stakes in the ground.

Wrought Iron Fences: These sturdy garden fences are a wise long-term investment and are often spotted in higher-end gardens and wealthy properties.

Low Garden Fences: Used primarily as decorative borders to enhance the appeal of your garden, landscaping, or home, and to support low-growing plants, these fences are less than three feet tall.

Reed Garden Fences: When properly maintained, reed fences can last a lifetime. Used for decoration or to cover up older chain-link fences and damaged walls, reed fences are constructed by weaving reeds together with wire or twine, and are supported by bamboo or wood supports or poles. They can be treated to become weather resistant, can be cut to varying heights, and can be painted or stained to match your decorating scheme.

Miscellaneous Garden Fences: You can also find cane, willow, plastic, chain-link, deer, snow, border, and vinyl garden fencing, each with their unique properties and capabilities to protect your privacy, enhance your landscaping, and showcase your prized flowers and plant collections.

Classic Picket Fences

Who isn't familiar with the image of the suburban house surrounded by a classic white picket fence? Traditionally made from wood, today's picket fences are also made from vinyl, aluminum, plastic, and bamboo, which have the added benefit of not needing regular repainting. The allure of the time-honored white picket fence lies in its visual appeal and its reminiscence of a simple, solid way of life. White picket fences remain popular in many middle-class gardens and yards throughout the nation and continue to symbolize the concepts of family and the American Dream.

Landscape picket fences are typically taller than four feet, are easy to install, and are available in a number of different styles, such as "dog's ear, "flat top," "Gothic," and "pointed."

So invest in the garden fence of your dreams today to beautify your property, increase the value of your home, and complement your interior and exterior décor.