Going Global

Another hot trend in decorating is walking hand-in-hand with the eco-friendly theme and it’s world wide!  Going global is following closely on the heels of the going green trend, all in a one-world, one-earth mind set.  Global influences are slipping into rooms in baby steps, showing off in accessories, and soon to slip right into fabrics and furnishings.

Global Style

Whether a homeowner travels to foreign locales or simply dreams of adventures while drinking oolong tea, global style has become a reality, says color expert Aimee Desrosiers, director of marketing at California Paints. "Today home decorating is about adapting diverse design influences to fit our own individual taste and style. Our homes say something about who we are and what we believe in, what items we treasure from the past, and what new collectibles we’ve acquired in our travels," she says. And whether your last trip was to a Moroccan bazaar halfway around the world or only as far as the international collections at the local Target, you can create an escape of global proportions.

  • Straight lines, a typical Asian influence, are taking over accessories in home decorating.  Curves and embellishments are giving way to simple, straight-lined vases, picture frames, clocks and lamps.
  • Bright, vibrant colors are coming into play, with rich Indian and Moroccan textiles heavily influencing this trend.  For luxury lifestyles, raw silks in hot colors are setting the style and the color palettes.
  • Zen is in, and the gentle understatement of Japanese influences combine natural materials and subdued tones to go global and green in one look for one world.
  • Handmade is part of the global attraction to this global trend, and handmade artisan offerings are hot and affordable, Novica, in association with National Geographic, presents unique & collectible home décor from all artisans all over the world.
  • Scandinavian influences are back from their 1950’s and 1960’s heyday, with uncomplicated, functional and attractive decorating schemes for the 21st Century.  They’ve warmed up and are lovely – sneak in some accessories from Ikea for a budget Scandinavian look.

Going global with decorating takes responsibility seriously, and focuses on countries known for the fair trade practices and strict child labor laws.  Check for fair trade labeling, which is a certification system designed to allow consumers to identify goods which meet strict guidelines that include prohibiting child labor and advocating safe working conditions and a fair wage to the workers.