Grandmother Clocks

If you love the elegance of grandfather clocks but want a more feminine look, or if your space cannot accommodate the typically tall grandfather versions, it might be time to decorate with an elegant grandmother clock!

What is a Grandmother Clock?

Grandmother clocks are shorter and more feminine than grandfather types, and come in a range of styles from plain to decorative and ornate. In contrast to the rich oak and mahogany colors typical of grandfather clocks, grandmother clocks come in light or medium wood colors, which may better suit many room styles or interior decorating schemes. Common woods include pine, yew, and light oak, although some grandmother-style clocks are made from darker wood.

Grandmother Clock Designs

While most grandmother clocks retain the classic look of a clock sitting on top of a tall, narrow base or stand in which a pendulum swings and a chime often sounds every hour or quarter of an hour, grandmother clocks are shorter in design than grandfather clocks and therefore might be ideal for smaller, shorter spaces, and rooms with sloped or low ceiling.

For a delicate, elegant décor, consider grandmother clocks that feature scalloped designs carved into their wood. Floral patterns are also commonly found, and many grandmother clock faces are imprinted with delicate patterns. The wood casing surrounding the clock's face may be square or round, and may have additional top pieces and other fine finishings.

Unique Clock Styles

Although styles range from plain to more elaborate, grandmother clocks never lose their hint of style and sophistication, and are sure to add a touch of class to any room or office.

Some grandmother clocks feature special modern designs. The banjo is uniquely designed grandmother clock that captivates the eye of the beholder. Underneath the round face of the clock, the middle section curves outward to resemble a pear or banjo shape, and then returns to its typically narrow base.

Other uniquely designed grandmother clocks feature clock bases that double as a storage unit, narrow middle sections sandwiched between slightly wider upper and lower section, or open or glass cases through which one can view the pendulum. Pendulums, in fact, whether modern or antique, are considered collector's items today and come in a range of brassy and shiny styles. Depending on the clock, pendulums may swing every second, twice a second, or every two seconds.

So whether you are seeking a modern, contemporary design, or a more traditional, classic look, charming grandmother clocks will keep you and your family or colleagues stepping in time for years to come!