Hitting the Road

Dedicated home offices are a luxury for some and a necessity for others.  But what about those who need a home office with four wheels and gas?  For many professions, the home office needs to be as portable as possible, particularly for:

  • Real estate agents;
  • Professions involving travel;  and
  • Any profession which requires instant access.

Hitting the Open Road

Cars are the most mobile workspace there is, at least you have a space to call your own.  Besides your laptop, consider outfitting your car with these accessories.

Laptop Mounts
A vehicle mount laptop holder keeps your computer securely in place and close at hand for increased efficiency.  Consider this option not only to keep your computer from damage, but sudden stops and fast turns can cause unsecured objects in the car to become dangerous projectiles.  A mounted laptop holder can run from $100 - $600 and are well worth the money for saving yourself and your computer from damage.

Portable Printers
Mobile printers are now more affordable and portable than ever. They can be mounted in vehicles or carried in a small bag.  They can be wireless, infrared or use USB’s for connectivity and can be as small as 10 x 2 inches.  Prices range from $250 to $700 and expect new technology to bring even more options to the table, or dashboard in this case.

UPS – Uninterruptable Power Supply
UPS devices protect your mobile electronics against power failures, electrical noise and other power events outside your control. UPS units will help eliminate the down time which can be caused by power problems and eliminate equipment damage.  Some will allow you to maintain an Internet connection so you can keep working during short blackouts or give you time to properly shut down and save work during longer outages.  For as little as $60, they’re well worth the investment for mobile offices.

Synchronization Software
Synchronization takes place when the most recent file is transferred to or from portable devices.  With using more than one device, it’s important to keep all files up to date with the same information.  Synchronization software synchronizes and backs up emails, photos, financial documents, MP3s and all other important files between desktops, laptops, external drives and other portable devices.  Most software is under $20 and some have free downloads.

Taking your home office on the road is now easier than ever, but the most aspect of a mobile office – keep your eyes and your mind on the road while driving, if not for your own safety, for the safety of those around you.