Home Office Technology

Workplaces are moving into the house, with telecommuting, online businesses and entrepreneurs becoming the standard, a home office is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.  The best part is, new technology brings more options to the table when outfitting home offices.  Take your work home with you – there’s no place like home.

In are sleek, modern living spaces for home offices, out are the bulky file cabinets and large pieces of office equipment that once dominated the rooms.  How do you upgrade your home office to take advantage of technology that gives you back your workspace in your home office? 

Try these space-saving and time-savings home office necessities:


Portable power is here to stay, and if you must have the power of desktop, they’re sleeker and smaller than the desktop hogs of the past.  Your computer Is taking the place of all those file cabinets, so use it to your best advantage.  Save trees in the process, do you really need to print out each email?  Make sure you back up your online files with offsite storage in case of emergencies or computer failures.

Wireless Capabilities

Cordless is in, clumps of cords or out.  With more technology going wireless, take advantage of it.  Not only does it rid the home office of the unslightly cords, it allows you to move freely throughout the cabin.

Cell Phones

They can fit in your pocket and get that multi-line space hog off the desk – find a nice little unobtrusive area for your charger though!

Broadband Access

Dial up is out, broadband online access through DSL phone lines and the computer are in  One account and connection can get your television, computer and telephone service all in one bundled savings.  Take advantage of it, most internet sites are too complicated to even run on many dial up connections.


A personal device assistant will rid the world of desktop covering calendars.  Your work surface is back with this palm sized product taking calendars, rolodexes and post its off the surface and leaving an uncluttered work area in its place.

All-in-one Printers

There’s only so much space in your home office for a printer, scanner, copier and fax.  Combine all the functions into one multi-purpose, jack of all trades piece of equipment.  One paper feeder and one set of ink cartridges will also make life easier and extra space available with all-in-one printers.

Upgrade your office technology and increase your space to make a welcoming work environment for your home office – invest in technology.