Luxury Bathrooms

What is a luxury bathroom?

If you're looking for the latest innovations in bathroom design, set your sights on luxury bathrooms, which are quickly becoming a major status symbol, selling point, and must-have extravagance among contemporary homeowners. Today's up-and-coming bathrooms are lavish rooms that reflect the luxurious lifestyle of the rich and famous and that feature the high-end amenities associated with a spa or five-star hotel. Rather than merely performing a function, luxury bathrooms are a place where people can relax, unwind, escape, and revitalize. Nothing is too extravagant for these state-of-the-art restrooms, no imagination too wild, no dream too big.

Functionality with a Flare

From ceiling to floor, from tub to toilet, every element of a luxury bathroom is designed to increase your comfort, personalize your experience, and cater to your needs and tastes. Attention is paid to every decorative detail, with an emphasis on accessories and "extras" that take bathroom décor to new heights. Look for the most advanced appliances and high-tech gadgets, sumptuous amenities, and a wide array of design styles, from ornate, elegant and classic, to slim, sleek and contemporary.

Luxury Bathroom Fixtures

Bathroom sinks, faucets, shelves, mirrors, tubs, showers, floors, lights, and even toilets reflect the fashion of the times in modern-day luxury bathrooms. Here are some of the finer features of contemporary luxury bathroom fixtures:

Smart Toilet: Features a toilet lid that automatically lifts upon approach, flushes, and closes upon departure. Additional amenities include a heated toilet seat, air deodorizer, and front and rear washing

Designer Urinals: Combining function with fashionable flair, look for curving and sculptural-formed urinals, and elliptical bowls supported by a shapely standing leg.

Electronic Faucets: High fashion goes green with environmentally friendly appliances, such as electronic faucets that turn on/off with the wave of your hand and which control water flow, saving energy, water, and the planet.

Spa Bath and Hot Tub: Bathing has never before been so luxurious, therapeutic and restorative. Bringing the spa experience into your home, Jacuzzi hot tubs and spa baths provide heat, water and air jets which are designed to relieve stress, ease aches and pains, cleanse the skin, stimulate circulation, and promote peace of mind and body.

Spa Shower: Pamper yourself and rejuvenate under a luxurious spa-like shower, offering a plethora of amenities such as a cleansing steam shower, aromatherapy, chromatherapy, a built-in sound system, adjustable seats, and more.

Heat-Sculpted Glass Shower Doors: These high-end artistic glass panels protect your privacy, enhance your surroundings, increase the light illuminating the room, and are masterpieces of modern home décor in their own right.

Additional Luxury Items

As the number of modern-day bathroom accessories and applianeces continues to expand, the sky is the limit when it comes to luxury bathroom design and décor. Here are some additional popular extravagances sprucing up bathrooms today:

•- Tanning shower

•- Dry Sauna

•- Towel warmer

•- Heated floors

•- Double shower head with body spray

•- Bathroom wine cooler

•- Multimedia shower options, including shower waterproof TV-Mirror

•- Electronic window blinds

•- LED lighting in single or alternating colors, for a distinctive look of its own or as a novel source of indirect lighting (available as LED tiles, door handles, and ceilings)

So start saving today and begin to make your luxury bathroom dreams come true!