Create a Luxury Bedroom on a Budget

Your bedroom is important, although when it's time to redecorate, the bedroom is often neglected as the main living areas take precedence. But bedroom is the first and last thing you see every day, so it should be a relaxing retreat from the world. Here are some suggestions to transform your bedroom from bland to boudoir, even if you're on a budget.

Buy a New Bed

Your bed is the central focal point in your bedroom, so it should make a statement about the room's decor. There are so many styles, from wooden sleigh beds and four posters, to leather or elaborate metal frames. If your room lacks storage, go for an ottoman with an inbuilt mechanism that lifts the mattress.

Create a Suite

View your bedroom like a hotel room and create a luxury suite. Give your bedroom another purpose for a multifunctional space that oozes sophistication.Create a sitting area, add a mini fridge, or install a coffee bar.

A Feature Wall

Instead of painting the whole room, which is a time consuming and messy task, add a feature wall to quickly change your bedroom. Go for paint or wallpaper that's patterned, embossed or textured, or has a fabric effect. There are wall coverings that resemble leather, wood, or fabric for a truly luxurious feel. Position your bed in front of the feature wall for a style statement.

Boudoir Bedding

New bedding is an easy way to transform your bedroom. Buy a duvet cover with an all over floral or damask pattern, or go for a quilt in a plush feeling fabric. Add expensive looking accessories to instantly update your bedroom. A silk-feel throw or faux fur pillows will make a lavish statement and for an extra chic touch, choose cushions with luxury embellishments, like a brooch style button, velvet appliqué, or leather trim.

Cover Your Walls

As well as a feature wall, make a statement with wall accessories. Put up a piece of art work, add a large mirror, or a shelf with ornaments and trinkets. Choose colors and styles that match the theme of your bedroom, whether it's monochrome, vintage, oriental, or gothic. Or if you're keeping your old bed, mount a statement headboard on the wall. For a completely unique headboard, try out a bit of DIY. Search online for loads of homemade headboard inspiration.

Creating a luxury bedroom is easy and it doesn't have to cost the earth. Simply buy a new bed, add a feature wall, accessorize with lavish bedding, and make a statement with art work or a mirror. Small touches can quickly transform your bedroom into a relaxing haven.