A Makeover Without Moving

How to Rearrange your Furniture Without Leaving the Couch

Wouldn’t it be nice to makeover your room without having to move from the couch nor spend a penny on new furnishings?  It can be done, and done easily. Purchase a home planning kit for as little as $5.  With a grid layout drawn to scale – usually ½ inch equals one foot, you can use the provided removable stickers to mark the location of windows, doors and other architectural features.

Also provided are hundreds of stickers for your furniture, so you can peel and stick to your heart’s delight.  For rooms such as the kitchen and bath the $20 kit we purchased included:

  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Appliances
  • Bathroom fixtures
  • Tubs and sinks – over 12 different versions and
  • Outlets, switches and lights!

For the version we used, the Quick Home Planner, we were able to color the peel and stick furniture to give an idea of the color scheme.  It’s like having a little dollhouse on your lap to help plan your room!

What is valuable with using a kit such as this, you take an objective look at the room layout and how functional it would be with the furniture moved.  We tend to dislike change in our homes, since they offer the stability and comfort in our lives.  We have mindsets that the couch goes by the window, or the coffee tables belongs over there – and it’s difficult to keep an open mind when moving furniture.

Use the kit to try some of the professional interior design tricks that we’ve given you, such as:

  • Creating a focal point;
  • Angling furniture in a corner to make a room look larger;
  • Creating a conversation grouping; and
  • Moving furniture away from walls.

The kit is also useful making sure you have enough clearances and pass through space to get in and out of the room, or to walk through the furniture grouping.  Many kits, even our $20 version, give a list of standard measurements, such as to pass comfortably between furniture, have at least 24 -36 inches in space.

So try to design like a professional interior decorator, use a room planning kit to help you on your way to a room makeover, without leaving the couch.