Master Bathroom Décor

Upscale Bathroom Makeover

Master bathrooms are one of the hallmarks of modern homes, with more and more homebuyers seeking spacious bathrooms that meet all their functional needs. The contemporary master bathroom is not merely a utility; it is a place where one can relax, spend time alone, prepare for the day ahead, be pampered or rejuvenate. Master bathrooms typically accommodate two individuals and feature the most lavish materials, high-end accessories, and state-of-the-art fixtures.

Master Bathroom Features

Most modern master bathrooms have separate "his" and "her" dressing areas, two sinks, a cosmetic or powder table with vanity mirror, ceiling to floor mirrors, a separate tub and shower, bidet, and whirlpool or spa shower. While oversized tubs remain popular, today's society favors extra-wide showers with dual shower heads, body sprays, steam showers with amenities such as aromatherapy, and a built-in sound system.

Master Bathroom Tubs and Showers

No material is too extravagant for master baths. Homeowners are willing to splurge when it comes to creating their dream master bathroom, and today's bathtubs/showers are made from ceramic, stainless steel, marble, or glass, and can assume a variety of shapes and styles, from traditional, rectangular and round to Roman, artistic, and innovative. Look for claw-foot bathtubs or tubs with a long pedestal base, modern hot tubs and whirlpools, sunken marble, shiny granite, stained glass and more.

Stylish Fixtures

The modern, high-tech bathroom contains design elements such as:

•- Marble sinks

•- Pedestal sinks with open plumbing

•- Ceramic, hand-blown glass, or stainless steel wash basins in a variety of unique shapes and sizes

•- Wide variety of lighting solutions, including bright fluorescents, soft and dim lights, colored lights, mood lighting, LED lights, elegant chandeliers, and more

Master Bathroom Accessories

Nothing defines a master bathroom more than its attention to the "extra" details brought out by thoughtful amenities and accessories ranging from plain and simple to lavish and luxurious.

Besides the bathroom basics, here are some the luxury master bathroom accessories popular today: hand-lotion dispenser, scented candles, fancy bowls with potpourri, towel-warming drawer, massage table, adjacent dressing rooms, built-in sound system, waterproof shower TV, exercise equipment, sauna, indoor fireplace, whirlpool or Jacuzzi, and real furniture pieces.

Theme master bathrooms - i.e., romantic, jungle, Caribbean, or black-and-white - are another creative option. (For a romantic atmosphere, silver and silver accessories go a long way, as does the color white, with white gauzy curtains and a white scarf draped around the room, romantic candles, and more).

High-Tech Master Bathroom Trends

Combining fashion with advanced technology, here are some state-of-the-art bathroom features available today:

•- Mood lighting (LED lights) that changes color in accordance with your mood or the time of day

•- Heated floors

•- Smart toilets that lift, flush, and close automatically

•- Automatic air deodorizers

•- Designer urinals

•- Electronic faucets that control water flow and turn on/off with the wave of a hand

Whether you are designing a new master bathroom or renovating an existing bathroom, shoot for the stars and enjoy creating the master bathroom of your dreams!