Hot Metallic Paints

Metallics are all the decorating rage for this year, and you can get the look in the most inexpensive way – paint!  Painting is always going to be one of the most budget friendly interior decorating projects.  You can follow the trend without spending a bundle with metallic faux finishes.

Plenty of paint manufacturers are getting in on the metallic action, including the trend setting Ralph Lauren and Benjamin Moore.   But specialty paints can be difficult to apply to get just the look you’re after, so consider the following when deciding on a metallic finish:

  • The products tend to look more metallic in person than in the pictures usually because you’re comparing a tiny picture with a full size room.
  • Some of the products can be expensive, over $25 a gallon and need more than one coat within a room.
  • The metallics highlight every defect in your wall.  If you’re working with perfectly smooth drywall, that’s fine, but for older plaster walls or walls that have been patched, it’s going to show off the walls and every imperfection.
  • Consider the interaction of the metallics with the colors in adjoining rooms, they may not play well together.
  • Roller lines can show up easily in metallic finishes, and they’ll drive you nuts.
  • Some of the finishes have had problems being lifted off when removing painter’s tape.
  • Coverage can be uneven.
  • Previous coats of paint will show through the metallics, so make sure you have a base coat that you want to be seen.
  • If you’re looking for a sheet metal look, you may need to have the metallic paint sprayed on with a professional sprayer, otherwise you’re going to have roller marks – the best way you can try to get the look with a roller, use a quality roller and use long brush strokes.
  • If you want a finish that looks more hammered and textured, you can use a regular paint brush and stipple the final coat to help hide the inconsistencies.

The metallic look is one of the most popular design trends of year, and when it’s done correctly can be the most stylish makeover  you can find for under $100.  With a little patience and some trial and error, the effect will be well worth the time and effort.