Not So Blah Neutrals

So when are neutral colors not so neutral anymore?  Traditional neutrals have been ramped up to include more demure colors, so don’t think just white or beige when considering neutrals.  In fact, neutral colors have hot trends just like any color, and right now gray is in as the ‘it’ neutral, as opposed to the light sage green of years gone by – although plenty of homeowners are still quite happy with the sage, which gives you an idea of the staying power of neutrals both old and new..

Traditionally, neutrals have been defined as non-colors, those that were not represented on the color wheel, such as whites, beiges and tans.  But lately, very pale shades have snuck into the mix, creating a whole new class of neutral colors.  These sneaky colors are those that are not likely to clash with any furnishings, so they’ve become acceptable, such as the pale sage green that was oh-so popular. 


Grays in particular are coming to the forefront, and the darker grays are taking the place of the rich, chocolate browns we’ve been seeing paled with the light blues in the past few years.  It lends a sophisticated and grounded look to décor if the room is large enough to handle the darker color.

The light grays are helping highlight the popular metallic looks that are so hot for the 2009/2010 seasons.  A glossy gray can sure set off the look, or try a matt finish to introduce a new texture to the room.


While the deeper browns seem to have run their course after seeing way to much pale blue pairings, the lighter shades are a popular neutral choice.  Not just the tans and beiges, but more complex mixtures such as a light camel blends can step right up to the plate to take on neutral decorating.


Long underrated as a neutral, taupe offers a deeper neutrality to wall color.  Taupes tend to have more depth and personality than the beiges and off-whites, yet they rarely clash with their surroundings.  If you’re looking for a neutral with some personality, and gray seems to be a bit to modern for you, taupe is an excellent color choice for paint and home décor colors.

So why bother with neutrals?  They are timeless classics, they don’t have to be boring.  In fact, if you’re going to be selling your home anytime soon, it is strongly recommended that you use neutral colors when redecorating.  But with all these new offerings, it sure doesn’t have to be boring, in fact, it gives you the freedom to change the look of a room without having to change wall colors.