Outdoor Furniture

Does your outdoor furniture consist of a small white plastic table between a pair of plastic chairs?  There’s no excuse – outdoor furniture is a must-have addition to create an outdoor oasis, and there are a multitude of options available for outdoor decorating on any budget.


Teak can range from budget to budget buster in a heartbeat.  It’s perfect to warm up any outdoor space, particularly patios and porches that need wood warmth.  Teak, a tropical hardwood, withstands weather, contains natural oils making varnishing unnecessary and is quite sturdy.

Teak furniture has a warm honey color and can be kept that color with a teak sealer.  If not sealed, the teak takes on a silver-gray patina without sacrificing stability.  It’s a matter of personal choice whether to seal teak.

Throw outdoor cushions on teak for exterior decorating worthy of any living space.  Ikea offers some nice teak furniture that won’t break the bank.  The heavier, high end teak pieces have to go on sale at some point.  Usually August to October is the time to buy discounted teak furniture
.  Many outdoor furniture stores mark them down 50-70% for the end of season sales.

Wrought Iron

Wrought is ready for to furnish your deck.  Wrought iron against a wood deck is a nice mix of texture and finish.  Even better is the availability of wrought iron outdoor furniture on the secondary market.  It holds up well, but finishes can rust, an easy fix with a little scraping and outdoor spray paint.

Comfy cushions on wrought, along with outdoor throw pillows, make it a stylish comfortable outdoor choice.


Powder-coated cast aluminum outdoor furniture is sturdier than resin and a step up in price.  Not your old aluminum webbed chair anymore, aluminum  offers the style of a handsome wrought without the weight, price or the rust.  You’ll have a host of styles in aluminum, and the powder coating not only eliminates the rust issue, but offers different finishes as well.


Now, resin is fine for outdoor furniture, it’s the plastic looking pieces that do nothing for your outdoor living space.  Recycled resin is environmentally friendly, comes in a multitude of colors and styles, and best yet, is the least expensive choice of outdoor furniture.

Our favorite is a resin that simulates wicker.  Older wicker on its own doesn’t always withstand the outdoor elements and can dry and become brittle.  The resin wicker gives the same look with extra durability.  It’s nice enough to pull double duty indoors as well, and can go from the sun porch to the patio without hesitation.  Newer wicker does wear better than the older pieces.

With a host of options in a host of price ranges, now's the time to furnish your deck, patio or porch.