Outdoor Hammocks

The Classic Backyard Accessory

Outdoor hammocks are one of the most popular outdoor pieces of furniture and the quintessential backyard accessory. Also known as hanging chairs and swing chairs, hammocks are comfortable, easy to set up, and come in an array of sizes and designs. When it comes to relaxing - in your garden, backyard, patio, or bedroom - you can hang easy on your favorite hammock. Often associated with reading a good back, lazing under a shady tree, and kicking back on a tropical island paradise, hammocks are a tasteful and trendy backyard furniture staple.

Affordable Outdoor Furniture

When it comes to beautifying your landscape on a budget, nothing beats the low price and versatility of outdoor hammocks. Hammocks are not only affordable: hammocks are light-weight, strong, durable, exceptionally comfortable, and today's hammocks come in a wide array of design styles and materials. Whether you are buying yourself or someone else a gift - invest in the ultimate gift of outdoor relaxation with a hip and happening hammock.

Types of Hammocks

- For the simplest, do-it-yourself hammock, simply tie a large piece of durable fabric (which can hold your weight) between the branches of two trees or poles, lie down, and snooze away.

- For a bedroom or dorm room hammock, you can make your own hammock or purchase a specially made indoor hammock.

- Rope or net hammocks are the most affordable varieties, offering good air circulation which helps reduce body sweat on a hot summer day. Made from cotton or synthetic (polyester) rope, net hammocks are lightweight and portable, allowing you to move your hammock to your favorite spots. If you don't have a tree or a good place to hang a hammock, simply purchase a handy hammock stand.

- Fabric hammocks are typically more comfortable than rope hammocks (eliminating rope indentations on your skin), and are available in an array of fabric colors and patterns. However, hammocks made from fabric are not weather-resistant and can get wet and mildewed if left outside during inclement weather.

Buying a Hammock

Here are a few tips on how to select a hammock:

•- A hammock should be longer than the person lying in it

•- Bigger and wider is better. For the utmost comfort, one should be able to move around with ease on a hammock without the fear of falling off

•- Be sure to check the maximum weight allowance

•- Hang a hammock at a safe distance from the ground so that no body parts touch the ground and so that the hammock swings freely for the person lying in it

Hammock Stands

Hammock stands are tubular structures with two "feet" that support and provide stability on both ends for a suspended hammock. Thanks to handy hammock stands you can lie down and take a nap in your hammock at any time, anywhere and anyplace! Whether you enjoy lounging in the shade, catching some sunrays on the deck, or relaxing indoors, hammock stands are the perfect garden accessory.

Add a touch of class and a ton of comfort to your outdoor living environment today with a hot and modish hammock!