Decorating with Pastel Colors

Pastels were all the rage in the 80’s and cooled off during the earthy 90’s, but they came back in a big way with the soft, muted colors of cottage decorating.  What’s the latest trend with pastels?  There still here and here to stay, but with updated appeal.

Contrast for Modern Appeal

Pastel blues to offset deep, rich browns have been increasingly popular and a modern twist to using pastels.  Use a pastel to create an unexpected choice with deeper tones.  Don’t use them in a 50/50 mix, but use one as an accent for a modern twist.

Patterns for Impact

Patterns such as a plaid in pastel colors give those soft colors more impact and create a whole host of design options.  Pastel stripes on a white background is a crisp, fresh look as well.  Using pastel patterns in fabric choices is a wonderful way to introduce pastels to your color palette, particularly for window treatments.  Pastels let the light shine through while giving more privacy and interest than whites.

Sleep on It

The serenity of pastels make them a prime candidate for color palettes in the bedroom.  Pair a cool blue with a pastel green, both colors are known for their calming effects, and this color pairing can have you sleeping like a baby in no time!  Use neutrals to highlight the serenity of the color choice for a crisp look.

Soft, pastel purples are one of the hot colors for 2009/2010.  For a rich look in the bedroom, go with a soft lavender on the walls and a creamy yellow for bedding.  Use a lavender scent as well, it’s the scent used for relaxing in aromatherapy.

Spa Retreat

The hottest trend in bathroom design has been creating the ultimate spa retreat.  Pastels fit right into the décor, a soft blue is an excellent, soothing color choice for the spa look, as well as the seaside resort decorating theme.  Fluffy towels in various pastels stacked up add a functional accent touch in the bathroom.

Open it Up

Using white can make any room look larger, but white walls can lead to color withdrawal.  Try pastels for the same effect and open up a small space with a hint of color.  Use bright, crisp colors with your pastel walls as a backdrop for a modern look to an old favorite.


Even the most formal pieces can be brought down to a casual style with a coat of pastel color.  Try it on porch furniture for a fresh Spring look to your outdoor living area.

Pastels can pack a punch with creative use or soften the room for a serene spa feel.  Take another look at how you can use these old favorites for modern appeal.