Porch Swings & Gliders

Relax in High Fashion

If you are looking for an easy and convenient way to relax and get away from the cares and worries of every day, look no further than porch swings and outdoor gliders. High-class additions to your landscaping, porch swings and gliders are not only functional but also highly fashionable. Whether you are reading a book, catching some rays, entertaining guests, enjoying a backyard barbeque, hanging out with friends, or simply relaxing and lounging after a hard day's work, porch swings and gliders are perfect outdoor furniture selections.

Porch Swing and Outdoor Glider Styles

Today's selections of porch swings include wooden, metal, painted, resin, wicker, woven, and recycled plastic porch swings, as well as fabric porch swings available in a wide array of stylish colors and patterns. Porch-swing seat widths range from two to six feet. If you don't have a porch or deck, or if your porch doesn't have room or the overhead support necessary to install a porch swing, consider an outdoor glider for your garden or sunroom. Enjoy the smooth gliding motion as you sip a cup of tea or kick back with a cool glass of lemonade. Today's modish outdoor gliders come in classic, Adirondack, and rustic styles, and are made from wood, wicker, metal, or recycled plastic.

Popular Porch Swings

For protection from UV rays, consider a canopy swing, which features a swing on a stand with an overhead canopy to block out the sun. While white porch swings are classic, painted porch swings come in an array of appealing colors or can be finished to produce a rustic, antique look. There is a wide selection of wood porch swings, including cedar, alder, cherry, cypress, and pine swings, or you can choose unfinished wood which can be painted or left to bleach in the sun. For a durable and weather-resistant porch swing, you will swing long into the future on an iron, wicker, rope, or recycled plastic porch swing. Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of a rustic porch swing constructed from pine logs, and those with a high-end sense of fashion can bask in the beauty of a handcrafted porch swing.

Smooth Outdoor Gliders

Did you know that gliders are ranked among the most popular pieces of outdoor furniture? Great versatility combined with hypnotic, soothing motion are some of the key features of outdoor gliders, in addition to their durability and eye appeal. The benefit of outdoor gliders over porch swings is that they can be placed anywhere and do not need to be hung. Moreover, outdoor gliders can also be used indoors, and many new glider styles come with built-in end tables. Of the two types of gliders, one type moves back and forth along a track, while the other glides to and fro above a stationary frame. Made from steel, vinyl, or several types of wood, you can match your glider to your existing indoor or outdoor décor. The most durable gliders are made from recycled plastic, which has the appealing appearance of wood, but which doesn't chip, warp, or crack, and which is easy to clean.

Summer, winter, spring, or fall, rock your way into relaxation with your favorite porch swing or glider.