Powder Room Decorating

Most homes have the tiny little powder room on the main floor for visitors, and decorating it can pack a big punch to your style in the home.  There’s only so much you can do with this little space, so focus on the details.


Avoid wallpaper with large patterns, it will only emphasize the small size of the room.  If using wallpaper, choose small repetitive patterns or a solid finish.  Typically walls are painted a light color to try to make the room look larger.  Consider a rich tone for impact rather than going for size.  You can really take some color chances in this room, but don’t let it clash with the adjoining hallway or room.


There’s not much floor space usually, so make the most of what you have.  Could this be the only room you can afford to floor with marble? 

There’s no point in typical bathroom rugs, so avoid them.  The most you should consider in decorating a powder room is maybe a small throw rug for splashes by the sink.  Take a good, long look before you consider one, do you really need it, or will it break up what little floor space you have?


This is where you can have some fun in the powder room, don’t go plain, but use a framed mirror to pack a punch in the décor.  An antique framed mirror in a powder room near a traditional living room is a classic look.  For more modern or Zen appeal, a dark wood framed mirror would be a nice touch.  Make the most of the mirror size wise, it’s your big chance to add a more spacious look to the little lavatory.


Consider a vanity with an open base to make the most of what little space there is.  Although closed doors in cabinetry are nice for storage, they can take up a good portion of space.  Consider an open base using baskets for storage rather than cabinetry.  For really tiny spaces, pedestal sinks may be the only choice, but don’t ignore storage needs.  A hanging cabinet or shelf behind the toilet will be needed for storage.


Too many accessories will be too cluttered, make accessories functional, a pretty bowl holding soaps, a decoupaged tissue box or a funky soap dish.  Be sure to have a small trash can in the powder room, if you can find a pretty one with a lid to slip into your décor, that’s perfect. One of the prettiest accessories for the powder room if you’re entertaining, a small vase with a few fresh flowers.

Hand Towels

Although hand towels are classic in powder rooms, people are just plain scared to mess up hand towels.  They look nice hanging on the wall, and I love switching them out for the seasons, but they just don’t function much.  I really like decorated ‘paper towels’ in a fancy holder on the sink.  They are much more functional and unobtrusive, but if they’re too fancy or personalized, people may hesitate to use those as well.

Take some decorating chances in your little half bath, it’s a small space that can take on a big design challenge with not much money.