Brand New Bathroom – Keeping Costs Low

Bathroom renovations are often the last thing on the list when thinking about decorating and changes in the home, not because they are least needed, or even because the room is rarely used as might be the case with a spare room, but because they are, for many people, almost prohibitively expensive. However, it is not impossible to get a stylish new bathroom without breaking the bank.

Assess the Room

The most expensive part of any bathroom renovation is the suit itself and getting it fitted. If your bathroom is suffering from a case of olive green fixtures from some time in the eighties, then it is probable that you will need to make the investment in a new suit. However, if your bathroom suit is a more modern simple white, then you do not need to replace it to give your room a beautiful new look.

Check out the plaster by lightly tapping sections of the wall with the base of a paintbrush – if the plaster cracks or feels loose, it is not going to support new tiles. Building a whole new look on a foundation that is not solid is a false economy that is going to cost you more, further down the line.

Assuming that your bathroom suit and walls are in good condition, you are ready to start creating the bathroom of your dreams.

Do It Yourself

While bathroom decorating uses some advanced decorating skills such as tiling and in many cases re-wiring, there is no reason it cannot still be a DIY project. That is not to say you should start changing electrics without knowing what you are doing. Electrical training courses are readily available online, though it is important to ensure the course you choose is accredited and reliable. While it may seem like a big commitment, and more difficult than hiring an electrician, it is cheaper in the long run, saving you electrician costs for life.

Tiling is often considered a job for the professionals, but hiring someone to do your tiling will set you back hundreds. There are plenty of tutorials online that will talk you through the tiling step by step, and if you choose tiles that are a little rustic in style, it is easily something you can take on yourself. Be sure to leave yourself enough time and invest in a tile cutting tool. This is not a job that can be rushed, but it can be done yourself to save money.

Do not spend money on expensive customised or hand-made items until you have assessed whether or not you could make the same thing yourself for a fraction of the cost. It is unlikely that you can reproduce master carpentry, but accessories such as signs, ornaments, chests and storage can often be replicated for far less money. Have a look at Pinterest for tutorials and ideas.