Five Snazzy New Small Appliances for Your Kitchen

Small kitchen appliances aren’t just cluttering up counters anymore.  New colors, finishes and high tech looks are bringing those toasters and mixers out of their cabinet hiding places and back into the daylight.  When you’re redecorating your kitchen, keep these hot new hit picks in mind for big looks on a little budget:

1.  Dualit Toasters
Love them!  Sleek stainless finishes with a variety of colors and retro styling give a cool look to this English toaster.  A commercial catering product, the Dualit doesn’t pop up the toast after browning, it holds it and keeps it warm, and takes less time to heat up than a regular toaster.   Wide slots and sandwich toasting accessories make it multi-functional.  This style doesn’t come cheap though, but most commercial grade appliances don’t – you’re going to pay over $100 for it, but what a design impact it makes on your counter.

2. Fagor Multi-Cooker
You don’t want to buy a pressure cooker, rice cooker and slow cooker to hog up the cabinet space – combine these three functions with this multi-tasking multi-cooker.  The rice cooker feature can steam rice in as little as 6 minutes, while the slow cooker can be set for cooking times as long as 9.5 hours.  Runs in the range of $100, about what these 3 items would cost separately, so well worth the space saving features and has a snazzy stainless and black finish.

3. Breville Espresso Machine
With professional looking espresso machines running $1,500 + for their home counterparts, the Breville is a godsend for those craving a cappuccino maker in the budget range.  Offered for well under $500, the Breville 800ESXL Die Cast Espresso Machine not only looks really cool, but makes one heck of a good cup of joe for the coffee connoisseur.

4. Chef n Pepper Salt and Pepper Mills
Every kitchen must have a quality pepper mill to grind your own pepper, plain and simple – don’t use ground pepper, there’s a big difference in taste.  We love the Chef n Pepper because not only it's under $15, but they can be used one-handed and are magnetic to keep them handy and from constantly being knocked over.

5. Sunpentown 3-in-1 Breakfast Maker
We love this product – for under $50, combine your coffee maker, toaster oven and even a hotplate into a sleek, compact stainless steel multi-tasker which puts all the breakfast necessities into one convenient appliance. You can brew a fresh cup of coffee, toast a bagel and fry an egg all at once, using a small amount of space. Perfect for dorms, RVs, studios and offices.

Invest wisely in your countertop kitchen appliances, find sleek, multi-tasking attractive machines to open up some counterspace and complement your kitchen finishes, décor and theme as well.  There’s a whole host of new kitchen appliances with looks and brains being offered for affordable prices.