DIY Project - Teacup Lamp

Need a decorative or accent lamp for a nightstand or accent table?  A teacup lamp can be the perfect complement for a one of a kind decorative accent for that spot that needs just the right touch of soft lighting.


  • A teacup and saucer to complement your décor – you can usually pick them up for under $20 from a flea market or antique shop.
  • An electric candle lamp
  • Fiberfill
  • Lace or tulle netting
  • Decorative embellishments – either crafting supplies or floral or berry picks.  Scrapbooking supplies are usually a good bet, as they tend to be a good size for this project.
  • Wire cutters to help trim the floral picks.
  • Hot Glue gun
  1. Choose a cup with a bottom large enough to fit your candle lamp base.  Make sure you clean the cup and saucer thoroughly and dry completely.
  2. Glue the cup to the saucer using the hot glue gun. Have the handle of the cup on the right.
  3. Glue the candle lamp base to the bottom of the cup – make sure not to glue the cord if using an electric candle lamp.
  4. Use fiberfill to within 1 inch of the cup rim, securing with glue.
  5. Cut four squares of lace or tulle.  Holding from the center, twist the lace or tulle and secure the center in the teacup to frame the cup with approximately 1-1/2 to 2 inches showing above the cup.  Arrange them as you like, use more or less depending on how lacey a look you like.  Use some to embellish the saucer as well.
  6. Using tulle netting or a coordinating ribbom, tie a bow around the handle of the cup for an extra touch
  7. Arrange your picks or embellishments within the fiberfill or on the lace or tulle and glue into place.
  8. Using a small lamp shade, you can coordinate the look with additional embellishments or lace, or even stencil a design on the shade.  Don’t let the shade overwhelm the teacup lamp, as it’s cute enough on its own!

Now that you’ve tried the ‘starter’ model, you can take this project a step further by making a stacked teacup or teacup lamp with an electric lamp fitting set in a top, open piece – you can avoid drilling by running the cord down the back of the lamp, so try to pick a cord that's similar in color to your porcelain pieces. 

Let your teacups, saucers or teapot combination stand on it’s own.  You can add an embellishment or two, but the combinations you put together are the real design statement for a multi-tiered teapot or tea cup lamp.

In just one afternoon, for under $25, you can create a lamp that will personalize your space with a touch of elegance and whimsy.