Throw Rugs

Mix together style, practicality, creativity, design, and a dash of color, and you have the perfect throw rug - a great way to add fashion to any floor! Also known as scatter rugs, throw rugs are some of the most versatile decorative accessories you can sink your feet into. Whether you are furnishing your home, office, apartment, home office or business place, you can create any look you like with terrific throw rugs!

Fine Tuning Your Floors

For a look that stands out alone, or to accentuate an already existing décor, throw rugs are all the rage in the realm of rugs. Although people have been decorating with throw rugs for centuries, throw rugs continue to hold their ground when it comes to fine tuning your floors. You can scatter throw rugs on top of hardwood, tile, or wood floors, or you can lay them over wall-to-wall carpeting. Whether your interior décor is antique, contemporary, classic, trendy, elegant, or hip-hop-and-happening, there is a throw rug that matches your decorating style!

Decorator's Dream Come True

Sensational scatter rugs are truly a decorator's dream come true. Placed at the door or entranceway, practical throw rugs are perfect for wiping off shoes and boots; scattered in the living room or by the bedside, throw rugs are busy warming feet all over the world; accenting your parlor or dining room, these clever carpets take on a classy character.

Throw rugs come in an array of fantastic fabrics too. You feet will be on cloud nine as they sink into plush sheepskin throw rugs, wool or cotton throw rugs, Persian throw rugs, heart-shaped throw rugs, hand-tufted throw rugs, synthetic throw rugs, braided throw rugs, holiday throw rugs, fireplace throw rugs, and many, many more.

Throw rugs also come in host of heavenly colors, ready to blend into your existing color scheme or to create a trend of their own. And if all this wasn't enough, decorators give throw rugs a standing ovation for allowing you to beautify your floors without blowing your budget.

Throw Rug Care

Here are some down-to-earth facts and tips about caring for throw rugs.

•- To keep throw rugs (and you!) from slip-sliding away, rug experts advise placing a non-slip rubber or foam rug pad beneath them

•- Prevent dirt from reaching deep into your rug fibers by shaking and vacuuming throw rugs regularly

•- Brush throw rugs with your fingertips or a brush to maintain their fluffiness

•- When it comes to throw rugs, you don't need to tip-toe around. When they look down-trodden, simply toss throw rugs into the washing machine on a gentle cycle in cold water

•- Do not machine-dry throw rugs; hang them or lay them flat to dry