10 Style Tips for Dining Rooms

Is your dining room decorated in basic boring, or did you pull off a high-style, professionally decorated look in your dining room?  If you chose basic boring, you need to take a look as some easy additions to bring style to your dull dining room.

  • Area Rugs:  If you have basic wall-to-wall carpet or hardwood flooring in the dining room, add an area rug to pull together colors and anchor the room.  The rug should be large enough to fit the table and chairs, and will probably need to be at least eight feet in width.  The chair legs shouldn’t fall off the rug when pulling the chair out for use.  The best method to determine the size needed is to measure the dining room table and add at least four feet the each measurement.
  • Tablecloths:  An easy, budget-friendly option to spice up the look of your dining room is simply adding a tablecloth.  A light cotton print can take a formal dining room and lighten the look for Spring and Summer décor.
  • Centerpieces:  Silk flowers or arrangements of decorative candles add a bright spot in a dim dining room.  Use bases to antique tureens, silver bowls or even an old punch bowl to punch up the décor.
  • Lighting:  Dimmer switches are a requirement for dining rooms, particularly for sconces and chandeliers.  Dim the lights for dramatic style and to accent your new centerpiece and tablecloth.
  • Window Treatments:  It’s easy to overlook dressing up the windows if your dining room is rarely used.  Consider adding panels in a lively pattern or a dramatic velvet or silk to bring in some softer textures.
  • Set the Table: Nothing adds drama to a dining room like a set table.  The trend has been to keep the table dressed up and ready to go to show off your family china and silverware.  Not only does it keep the dining room from looking cold and lonely, it frees up storage space.
  • Mirrors:  Consider adding a mirror to the dining room, not only is it a common professional interior design trick that makes the room look larger and lighter, it’s considered good Feng Shui as well.
  • Artwork:  Add a dramatic piece of art to the dining room.  Choose an appropriate piece to stimulate conversation or to help establish a focal point.
  • Black:  Add something black to help visually ground the room.  Choose a black frame for a sleek piece of artwork, it will have more impact and anchor the space.
  • Candlelight:  Everything looks better and more dramatic by candlelight, use it liberally and safely in the dining room.

With just a few quick fixes, you can turn that basic boring style to a dramatic looking room ready to entertain.