Trendy Toilets

Modern Toilet Designs

If you thought the word "trendy" could never apply to toilets, think again! Modern toilet designs reflect contemporary trends in the bath industry and in interior decorating, leaning towards energy conservation, customer satisfaction, technological innovation, and five-star extravagances. Reflecting an age of affluence that is at the same time concerned about the environment, modern toilet designs have been upgraded to conserve water, pamper behinds, increase efficiency, and enhance bathroom décor.

Low-Consumption Toilets

The 1994 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Energy Policy Act mandated all household toilets to conserve water by reducing the amount of water used per flush. To this effect, the 1.6 gallon "low-flow toilet" was introduced, along with the slogan: "Half the water, twice the flush!" Today low-flow toilets save the average household 25 gallons of water per day, or more than 9,000 gallons annually.

Dual-Flush Toilets

Following on the heels of the low-flow toilet, the environmentally friendly dual-flush toilet allows you to choose between two water-saving options and conserve even more water. The first option is the industry standard 1.6-gallon flash; the second option uses only 1.0 gallon of water per flush. Simply select the appropriate flusher each time.

Maintenance-Free Toilets

If you've dreamed of saying farewell to toilet scrubbing, plunging, and preventing overflow - your plumbing dreams may finally be coming true. "Maintenance-free" toilets are super-efficient fixtures designed to remove 1,000 grams' worth of bulk in a single flush (that's one big mess!), which automatically flush when you finish your business. They come with super-sized internal passages to prevent waste from being trapped, and their high-performance surfaces inhibit the growth of bacteria.

"Smart Toilets"

Modern toilets have gone hi-tech! With heated toilet seats and fully automated toilet seats which open as you approach and close as you depart, going to the bathroom is futuristic experience. And if you think that's extravagant, then you haven't been brought up to speed with the most advanced contemporary toilet design, the Japanese toilet. This sleek toilet operates by digital remote control, sprays, washes, and air-dries your bottom, turns on an automatic air purifier, and does away with toilet paper! These washroom wonders don't come cheap, however; a Japanese toilet will set you back anywhere from $3,000 to over $6,000.

Tankless Toilets

If you're not yet ready to live in a world devoid of toilet paper, consider the tankless, super-tall toilet which is operated by an electric pump and features a minimalist design. These sleek toilets compliment modern master bathroom and luxury bathroom designs, as well as the minimalist trend in interior home decorating.

Fashionable Flushers

Believe it or not, fashion has made its way to your toilet flusher! Today you can select between an expanding line of toilet flusher sizes, styles, and colors, which are also categorized according to noise level.

Flush Towers

Gone are the days of the ball and chain, replaced by the flush tower, which pushes water through the toilet bowl in less than one second. The industry's newest model has just been introduced: The "Champion 4" pushes water 30%-70% faster than its earlier versions, can move a mass 70% larger than standard, and boasts shock-absorbing properties that produce the strongest yet most silent flush known to date.

Novelty Toilets

Welcome to the world of whimsical toilet designs! Novelty toilets are an expanding trend in modern bathroom décor, including the following quirky toilet innovations:

•- "Fish and Flush" toilet: A clear plastic toilet tank serves double duty as a fully equipped fish aquarium.

•- Travel Washlet: A portable bottom washer to answer Mother Nature's call on the road... Simply fill with warm water before leaving home; after you do your business in the bushes/public restroom, unfold the squirt-nozzle and wash your behind.

•- Royal Throne Musical Toilet: Straight out of the fairytale books, this "throne" toilet features a high back seat, armrests, a built-in ashtray and candle holder, and a Gothic-style arched top. What blows the lid off of this royal experience, however, is the music played when you lift the toilet seat!