The MOST Versatile Accessory - The Mason Jar!

15 Ways to use Mason Jars as Accessories

We love mason jars, they are the most inexpensive decorating and storage accessory you can find, costing under $1 for new jars, and under $5 for used and antique.  They can be purchased in lots, that is several of them for one price, at auctions and cost just pennies apiece when you can buy them together.

To give you some hints on how to use them in your décor, here are just 15 of the ways we’ve used them throughout our homes:


Of course, they look right at home in the kitchen and always seem to evoke the homespun image of a Grandma canning fruits and vegetables.

  • Coffee Holders – A much better look than the tin can coffee is purchased in, and much more slender and counter-friendly than a coffee canister, mason jars offer an airtight storage container to tuck next to the coffee maker.
  • Rice – Nothing attracts pantry moths like an open plastic bag of rice, seal it up and keep it fresh in a mason jar.
  • Flour & Sugar – Tired of those bulky paper containers that sprinkle treats in your cabinets for ants?  Try the airtight mason jar for easy access to baking supplies.
  • Leftovers – Soups are right at home in a mason jar without having to worry about leaky plastic containers.  Perfect for sending soup to a sick friend!
  • Gifts – Cookie and cake mixes are wonderful budget holiday gifts.  There are plenty of recipes to be found online and they can be layered in a decorated jar with a recipe label.


Mason jars are glass, of course, so be careful when using them in the bathroom.  They rarely break on softer flooring when dropped, but marble or tile could break thinner jars.

  • Store Q-tips and cotton balls right on the bathroom counter with a mason jar.
  • Store bath crystals for a pretty, colorful look in the bathroom – tie a coordinating ribbon around the neck of the jar for an even prettier look.
  • Fill a mason jar with sand and sea shells for seaside retreat décor.
  • Use it as a toothbrush holder.
  • Use it to hold and protect those little paper cups used for mouthwash or sips of water.

Bedrooms, Living Rooms & Offices

  • Use mason jars to hold all those little desktop necessities that seem to scatter and clutter drawers – rubber bands, pens and paperclips.
  • Make a lamp, there are lamp fittings that can be purchased to screw right onto the top of the jar without having to drill a hole.  It’s the perfect size for a nightstand.
  • Fill it full of colorful marbles as a decorative accessory or bookend in a child’s room.
  • Use to hold receipts that can get lost in larger file folders and drawers.
  • Use it to store that little bit of leftover paint you may need for touchups later on.

Believe me, this is just the tip of the iceberg for these versatile, decorating and storage wonders.  Note that there are two lid options usually available, lift top and screw off, and the best option will depend on how you plan to use it.  While newer jars are usually clear, older mason jars can be found in other colors, usually an aqua green.