Color Scheme Guide - B
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The color scheme guide is meant to be a teaching tool, and representation of the fabrics and wallpapers shown.  The purpose is to visually show you how Decorators create a style and color scheme, so you may learn what you like best, and gain decorating confidence.  The bonus is, you may order the fabrics, and papers from Affordable Elegance in Palm Harbor, Florida – (727-771-1717) – Fax (727-771-1024) or e-mail – [email protected].  If you prefer, you can try to locate the products from a local source.  Some vendors are Regional and will differ throughout the country, as a result Decorator Secrets cannot guarantee you will find every sample in your area.  Your best and most assured way of getting the product shown is through Affordable Elegance in Florida.  If you do not need what is shown on the color guide or do not care for a selection, use the board as a guide to help you find other coordinating fabrics, wallcoverings, furniture etc.

Every attempt has been made to choose current fabrics and wallpapers, although it is common in decorating to experience backorders and discontinued products.  Decorator Secrets does not guarantee the availability of the samples shown on the color guides, or the performance of any of the products you may choose to use in your home. 

The colors shown on the guides are very accurate, but are not always exact, and have been reduced in size for production purposes.  Affordable Elegance will provide a sample via the mail for you to see the actual product before ordering.    There could be a small charge, (approx. $5.00) as design firms are charged for most samples.  If Affordable Elegance does not incur any expense for the sample, you will receive it free. All you need to tell them, is the color guide letter and the number of the sample on the guide you wish to receive.  They have reference sheets on hand, for the additional information they will need. Their professional staff will be able to assist you with product availability and cost.  Once you have approved the actual sample, your project quantities may then be ordered.  Call, or fax them at (727) 771-1717 – fax (727) 771-1024 or e-mail – [email protected]Affordable Elegance is a full service Design firm located at 34950 U.S. Hwy. 19 North –Palm Harbor, Florida 34684. 



  • Beige/Neutral

  • Soft to Midtone Sage Green

  • Blush to soft peach/rose tones



Colors suggested could be for main areas or additional rooms.  The suggestions are a starting point only, and would vary according to your flooring choices!  Never paint without testing first!  Read the Chapter in the Workbook “Walls…Trim…Molding” before attempting a final paint choice.

  • Sherwin Williams-1137 Antique White (off white-beige tint)

  • Sherwin Williams-1143 Roasted Almond (dark off white-beige tint)

  • Sherwin Williams-1067 String of Pearls (dark off white-blush tint)

  • Behr (Home Depot)-RAH-40 Fennel (dark off white-sage tint)

  • Behr (Home Depot)-RAH-71 Sage Green (rich sage green)



  1. Kravet Fabrics – Selkirk – 4 – 54”x24” repeat

  2. Kravet Fabrics – 17160 – 430 – 54”x 14” repeat Moire Plaid

  3. Lady Ann Fabrics-Flora – 140 Clay –54”wide

  4. Sunworthy W.P. – 168205

  5. Seabrook W.P. – LL2264F

  6. Seabrook W.P. – LL2254

  7. Seabrook W.P. – LL2249B

  8. Waverly – 600878 – Plum – 54” wide

  9. Seabrook W.P. – FR813B

  10. Seabrook W.P. – FR873

  11. Fabricut Fabrics – Intrique – Sage – 54”x 25”repeat

  12. Blonder W.P. – HH530896

  13. Olney W.P.– BR4399B

  14. Waverly – 601466 – Wisteria – 54”x 3” repeat

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