Professional Bedding Tips

Haven’t you ever wondered how the heck those beds in the interior design magazines look so perfect?  Try as you might, you can’t seem to recreate the look no matter how much you plump those pillows.  Don’t feel inadequate, there are tricks of the trade they’re using that someone forgot to tell you.


Those pillows in the picture look like they’re just waiting to cradle your head as you drift off into dreamland.  You can plump all you want, but you’ll need to add extra fill to the pillows like the pros do to get pillows looking that sumptuous.  If you want the look, purchase a bag of fiber fill from a sewing store.  It will eventually get crushed down and you’ll need to add more to keep up with the look.


Those sheets in the photos look so crisp and clean, can’t you just feel the coolness as you slide into bed?  How come your sheets never look like that?  Because you don’t iron them, that’s why!  The linens used in those photo shoots are ironed on huge 6 foot tables covered with foam and fabric to make them look perfect.  While higher thread count sheets are soft and luxurious, they may need to be ironed or they can look permanently wrinkled, unfortunately, it’s not as easy on that flimsy ironing board, is it?


The mattresses in the interior décor magazines look oh-so comfy that they make you sleepy just admiring them.  What kind of mattresses, you wonder….just regular mattresses fluffed up by using a down comforter wrapped around them to hide hard edges and seams. 

You can easily get this look with a featherbed mattress cover – just go a size up if you can to wrap it around the sides of the bed, it will also help keep it from shifting around.


Duvets and Comforters

The duvets and comforters look so inviting in the photos, and it’s an easy look to get at home.  Duvets are usually folded down and placed at the end of the bed and comforters usually folded down not quite as far.  White sheets are used to set off their colors better, and they don’t show through at all to ‘muddy’ up the color.

While some tricks of the trade are better left on the photos of the design magazines, there are some that will slip right into your bedroom to make your bed look like it belongs in House Beautiful.