12 Must-Haves for Guest Rooms

It’s the little touches to a guest room that make your friends and family feel comfortable and welcome.  Warm and inviting guest rooms are not just looks, but the extras you offer that let your guests know they’re not an inconvenience, even if they are!

1. Drawer and Closet Space

We know you need the extra space for your clothes, but your guest doesn’t need to know it.  Empty a few drawers and some of the closet before they get there so they don’t feel like they’re inconveniencing you. 

2.  Alarm clocks

A small, easy to operate alarm clock is an inexpensive addition.  Make sure it’s quiet and not the loud tick, tick, tick type that can keep you up at night. 

3. Reading Material

Magazines and books on the nightstand or a bookshelf may be just what your guest needs for some R&R before turning in. 

4. Amenities

A pretty bowl full of little extras, such as aspirin, lotion, mouthwash and shampoo, are a thoughtful touch for either a guest room or guest bath.

5. Extra Blankets

An extra blanket or pillow in an easy to see spot for chilly nights is thoughtful, and also a good way to store extra bedding that doesn’t fit in the linen closet.

6. Clear Surfaces

Keep clutter to a minimum so guests have space to put out their items for their stay.  A suitcase holder is a nice touch as well.

7. Bedside Lighting

Add a lamp on the nightstand so your guest doesn’t need to get up to fumble for a switch and try to make their way back to the bed in the dark.

8. Chair

A comfortable chair with a side table makes the room look cozier, and allows guests to sit up and read or enjoy a private cup of coffee in the morning.

9. Nightlights

A low wattage nightlight in the bathroom or hallway is helpful to help them find their way in a strange place at night.

10. Towels and Washcloths

Set aside a towel and washcloth so your guest knows which ones to use if they’re sharing a bathroom.

11. Fresh Flowers

They’re a very sweet touch to make a guest feel welcome.  It will be the last thing they see at night and the first when they wake up – what a nice touch!

12. Drinking Glass and Pitcher

There’s a nice little combination piece called a tumble-up that was used back in Victorian times.  It’s a small carafe with a fitted glass over it as a cover, there are plenty of inexpensive reproductions around that would look lovely on the nightstand.

With a few inexpensive, thoughtful touches, your guest will feel like they’re staying in a five star hotel.  Now here’s the key, if they overstay their welcome, take away the amenities one by one until they get the hint!