Making Your Collection an Art Form

One of the most budget friendly choices in artwork is to make your own.  Even more budget friendly is to make your own using what you already have.  Turn your collection into an art work by trying these five fun displays for your collectibles:

Little things mean a lot...

Antique printer trays are old wooden ‘drawers’ with divider that were used to hold print type back in the good old days.  Now a days, they're perfect for hanging on a wall and using to display a collection of miniatures.   A printer tray is perfect for a country or primitive interior – try using them to hold a thimble collection in the bedroom, a marble collection in the den or antique spice tins in the kitchen.  Add a dab of craft wax to help hold the items in place.

A tisket a tasket, how do I display my basket? 

Hang it up, on the wall, the ceiling, in a corner.  They can be hung facing the wall or away, whichever your prefer, or even attached to the wall for a super storage solution.

Clear the room...

Take your collection up off the surfaces to unclutter the room.  Mount a shelf or cabinet for wall décor and group your collection making a handsome wall display up and out of harm’s way.   If you collect kitchen tins, try mounting an old wood advertising on your kitchen wall to display your collection – solves the problem of finding artwork to hold up in the kitchen, that’s for sure.

Tick tock display your clock

Your clock collection that is – if you have one spectacular clock in your collection use it as a single art focal point on your wall.  For plainer clocks, group them together in a wall display for artistic impact.  Add a touch of accent lighting and you have a focal point worthy of even the finest of homes.  You can even make a display using pocket watches or wristwatches, hang them in a creative display in place of a plain old clock picture.

Think color

Looking for a special piece of artwork to bring out an accent color – look no further than your favorite collection, create a grouping based on one color.  Textile collections make great artwork – not only adding a particular color, but texture to the room as well.

Artwork in your home should be personal and reflect your style – what could be more personal and stylish that replacing that a plain old picture with something that has meaning to you – your collection.