Hang it High Storage Solutions

Storage that looks even better than it functions is just a shelf away.  Stop hiding away your excess and bring it out and about and throughout the house. 


The best method of making your kitchen look functional and uncluttered is to keep everything off the counters and what is out, make it look good. 

If you have a kitchen window that needs a pick me up, consider adding glass shelves to hold glassware.  The sun shining in the window and hitting the glassware is a great trick that makes glassware look like the finest decorative accessory.

Use the shelves for decorative wine glasses, a glass canister set or other glass accessories.  It’s an old trick antique glassware dealers use – glass in sunlight is the best way to display glass, and the best way to open up valuable cabinet space in the kitchen.


If you have a small bedroom, consider shelves on either side of the bed instead of night stands, a shelf that includes a small storage drawer underneath will be even more useful.  Open up that valuable floor space in the bedroom and consider adding a shelf next to the bed for the clock radio, reading lamp and as a stylish alternative to bedside tables.  To open up even more space, you can mount reading lamps to the wall and keep the shelves for more decorative accessories.


Space is always limited in the bathroom, and storage usually at a premium – take it up to the wall and off the floor and add some decorative shelving to make it become an accessory rather than an eyesore.  Consider clear glass shelves when dealing with small spaces, and shelving that can pull double duty as towel racks are a great decorative option. 

Use baskets to hold smaller items that would otherwise clutter countertops.  Decorate baskets with paint or ribbon to really come up with a stylish storage solution that can fit in any decorating budget.


Purses and belts are always a clutter problem in closets, add hooks to hang them up and off the floor are a good alternative in the closet where they usually fall and get ruined.  A large over the door hook on the back of the door is perfect for getting them off hangers that usually bend or break under the weight.

Try these hot shelf and wall storage solutions in many rooms of the house, opening up valuable floor space, drawer space and cabinet space, and looking good in the process.