Accent Rugs

What’s the difference between an area rug and an accent rug?  Size – an accent rug is a smaller type of area rug, usually 3 x 5 feet or less and offers several uses:

  • To protect flooring in high traffic areas,
  • In entryways to wipe feet,
  • To highlight an area of the room or accent a particular style, and
  • In bathrooms and kitchens to provide traction and cushion.

Besides being portable, less expensive and easier to clean than area rugs, accent rugs offer a huge variety of shapes, color and styles.  

Children’s Rooms

What an accent rug can’t do is hide your existing flooring, but what it can do, and do it well, is offer themes from Spongebob to sailboats.  Children love accents rugs for their rooms, and they’re an inexpensive decorating tool for updating bedrooms. Get your child involved with decorating their room by letting them help pick out their rug, maybe they'll be inspired to pick up their toys as well.


Don’t forget the kitchen, not just for a dash of color and style, but for cushioning, particularly in front of the kitchen sink.  Specialty mats in a variety of themes are offered to help prevent tired legs and feet.


Bathrooms are known for anti-slip mats.  Although we love the feel on our feet and the safety features, we’re thrilled with the new offerings making them look less utilitarian and more like décor.  Think outside the box for bathrooms and accent rugs, don’t go for the standard matched three piece set, there’s too much available for you to be using the same old, same old. Of course, make sure if does not have a non-slip backing, to use a rug pad or secure properly.


Doormats are essential both inside and out.  Your guests need a place to wipe their feet and your flooring in the entryway needs protection.  An accent rug over carpet is perfectly acceptable, but use a rug pad to protect from color runs or damage to the flooring.

Accent rugs can be used in every room of the house to highlight or compliment existing rugs, carpeting or décor that may need a face-lift. If your room needs a pick-me-up, but either an area rug is too much for your room or too much for your decorating budget, consider an accent rug.