Decorating in Black & White - Literally!

One of the hot new trends for your home makeover is so simple it’s black and white – literally.  This pairing is the look for drama, using  opposite colors to create the ultimate contrasting harmony.  Helpful hints for using this combination:

  • Try black and white flooring combinations – a budget solution would be a simple area rug in black and white, the timeless classic look of black and white checkerboard effect tile, or even a white painted floor with black stenciled decoration.  For the real drama - pair black marble floors with ornate white baseboards and white walls.  Use varying paint sheens to distinguish the whites of the molding and the walls.
  • Try black and white to pack a punch in a smaller room, such as a powder room.  It will certainly be less expensive than doing a whole room makeover in your great room!  Use a black granite countertop with a white sink.  Shiny fixtures and accessories in nickel or brass add a depth to the look.  Use white hand towels with black embellishments to complete the theme.
  • Black and white toiles are the perfect way to introduce this color combination into more traditional décor such as country, French country or cottage styles.  Pair it with a red gingham for the French country look, or a bold, saturated color such as the hot new yellow for the season to punch up the cottage style.
  • Black accessories against a white wall can be the beginnings of a striking focal point in a room.  Try black frames with artwork, black wrought iron candlesticks or black pottery to add texture.  Black and white photos with rich black wood frames make a striking combination when grouped together on the wall.
  • In the bedroom try crisp white linens with black trim or all white linens with black accent furniture in the room Adding seasonal colors and warm bright accents one can achieve a light and bright feeling that still is deep and comforting.
  • To warm up the black and white, add rich woods to the room for a look that’s clean, chic and modern. The warm wood tones also add balance to the black and white.
  • This color combo is perfect for the Art Deco style – try Art Deco period accessories – there’s a whole host of Deco accessories available for reasonable prices.  Try Ebay or auctions to find Deco drama.
  • Black and white is both bold and neutral; try those combos in fabrics for texture - there are some amazing cotton prints that would work wonders in the kitchen or dining room.

Using black in any room creates a grounding and anchoring effect, and adds a touch of sophistication.  Combined with white you have the fresh, pure look.  Combine the two and you have instant impact.