Home Office Desks

Desks are the first piece of furniture you’re going to consider for decorating a home office.  How do you choose one that’s right for your space and will give you the start to a professional work space? 

Here’s what you don’t want to do when choosing a desk for your home office – don’t buy the three or four piece matching office suite from the national office supply chains.  You usually don’t need all those pieces and they are too large scale to decorate a home office, they’re made for larger spaces.  Choose individual pieces that suit your work habits and needs rather than what the office supply store dictates.

Partners’ Desks

If you work closely, side by side with a partner, consider one of the older or antique partner desks.  They are large, double sided desks and made for a partner to sit on either side, with a complete desk setup with drawers on each side.  They do come up from time to time on the secondary market, and there are some newer reproductions available today.  If you work full time closely with a second person, this may be just the desk for both of you.


A workstation encompasses more than just a desk, it’s a U-shaped work area with desk and two side pieces that keep all your stacks and electronics within reach.  For a fast-paced, need-it-now work environment, such as a real-estate agent, this may be a good home office solution.  This is a larger desk option, so you wouldn’t want to use a workstation in a smaller room.

Glass Topped Desks

For smaller spaces, consider a glass topped desk with an open base.  It will make the office look much larger.  There are some available that even have keyboard pullout options for those who are using a desktop computer, making the keyboard at just the right height.

Farm Tables

For a more casual work space, consider an old wood farm or harvest table.  These lovely old pieces are long with an open base and usually have a drawer in the middle to keep supplies.  We have one we use as a desk that has an old light blue paint.  With the open base and lighter color, it can work well for smaller, more casual home offices.

Corner Desks

The least favored option for home offices, if you’re working with tight space restrictions, and don’t mind facing a corner for minimal distractions, you may like the corner desk.  Specifically designed to slip right into small corners, they make good use of tight spaces.

There are many options in desks available for decorating your home office.  The trick is choosing one that works best for your work style and your decorating style.