Hot New Washers & Dryers

Washers and dryers have cleaned up their act and started taking consumer needs seriously - no more stooping and bending to empty the dryer, no more plain-Jane white and no more excessive environmental impact.  Manufacturers have come out with some snazzy new laundry appliances to make washing clothes a much more pleasant experience.

Hot Colors

There’s a host of hot new colors in washers and dryers, including red, green and blue to liven up the laundry room.  Stainless finishes are available as well, as laundry rooms climb from the basement depths to take on more visibility in the main floors of the home.

Cool Heights

No more bending over to empty the dryer!  Platforms are now available for the front loading washer and dryers that are all the rage in appliances these days.  Raising the appliances 12-18 inches off the floor, many of these platforms also offer drawer storage for supplies, making it well worth the $150 - $200 cost for these back-savers.

More Efficiency

These days going green is the trend for all household appliances, so watch for the Energy Star labels.  There are now more Energy Star rated appliances than ever, nearly 40% of washer/dryers are Energy Star rated, up from just 14% in 2002.  Energy Star appliances have to meet stringent federal efficiency requirements to achieve the Energy Star rating, and that efficiency comes at a cost premium, which will hopefully be offset by lower utility bills to offset the cost.

Front Loaders

Front loading laundry appliances have been popular in Europe for years, and have only recently been gaining popularity in the U.S.  Perhaps the trend towards more commercial looking appliances is the reason for the trend. 

One notable benefit of the front loading washing machines, there’s no need for that pesky agitator in the center that your sheets seem to get wrapped around during the spin cycle.  With the middle agitator eliminated, capacity is increased, making them much more efficient in the long run with larger loads.


There are some hot new features being offered for washers and dryers, including:

  • Tempered glass lids to eliminate the need to open lids to check status;
  • Washers and dryers that can ‘talk’ to each other to end cycles at the same time;
  • Reduced noise and vibration to allow the appliances to be near living areas without making their presence known;
  • Wrinkle reducing steam cycles; and
  • Faster spins to reduce drying time.

Bottom Line

If you’re redecorating or remodeling your home, consider an update to the laundry room as well.  With the hot new offerings in washers and dryers, you can justify the impact on your decorating budget with the increased energy efficiency to offset the expense.