Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

We love outdoor living – there’s something about moving the inside outside that makes a meal taste better, gathering more sociable and cooking more enjoyable.  So what’s cooking this year for outdoor appliances?

Outdoor kitchens are all the rage for those who can afford them.  Full cooking areas with professional grills, built in mini-refrigerators and even stovetops bring a whole new meaning to cook outs.  But expect to pay big for big style in an outdoor kitchen – the professional grills alone start in the $2,000 range and reach into five figures for all the bells and whistles.

Outdoor cooking aficionados don’t want a little rain to spoil the fun, so coverings are coming to the weather rescue for outdoor kitchens.  Not just a tent, but full roofs are coming into play, and why not?  Where else would you hang the ceiling fans?

Look for some of the appliances to come down in price to open up outdoor entertaining options to the average homeowner.  High end outdoor kitchens will continue to add specialty appliances such as:

  • Freezers
  • Wine chillers
  • Pizza Ovens
  • Keg Taps

So is an outdoor kitchen completely out of your decorating budget, or is it doable?  It can be done without resorting to charcoal grills, coolers and an extension cord.   Find each piece of equipment within your budget .  The necessities are:

A Quality Grill

Gas is, of course, the most convenient option.  Consider the size of the cooking area when choosing a grill, that’s your most important feature, particularly if you’re going to be entertaining or have a large family.  Also onsider side burners, as they work right off the same gas source and tend not to add too much to the price – nearly 1/3 of grills on the market offer them.

Storage Space

More standard grills are offering drawer space for tools and spices, it may worth the convenience to upgrade.


A mini-fridge is nice for condiments, cooking ingredients and beer.  Specialty outdoor refrigerators start in the $900 range and go up from there.

Eating Area

What’s the point of an outdoor kitchen if there’s not a pleasant eating area with cushioned chairs and a large table?   Comfort should be taken to another level for dining in the great outdoors if you have an outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor kitchens and their high end specialty appliances are hot, hot, hot.  In fact, two-thirds of architects polled recently stated that clients wanted an outdoor kitchen.