Bringing the Indoors Outside

Do you ever look through decorating magazines and wonder how those decks and patios looks so professionally decorated, almost like an outdoor living room?  It’s not just the furniture they have, it’s the accessories.  Accessories aren’t just for indoor decorating any more, outdoor living is in, and so are patio and deck accessories to give a polished look to your outdoor retreat.

Try these 10 outdoor accessories for a low cost redecorating project for your outdoor living space.

  1. Candleholders – when the sun goes down and the bugs come out, candleholders and candlesticks are not only practical, but a nice touch to your outdoor space.   Teak, wrought iron and aluminum are a good choice for the great outdoors.
  2. Linens and things – they don’t necessarily have to be linen to be nice.  Plastic tablecloths are no longer tacky, they come in a variety of themes, colors and styles.  Not only are they a nice outdoor accessory, but they can hide a not-so-attractive outside table.
  3. Top your table with a colorful umbrella to keep the sun off your back - and your meal.  Some of the newer umbrellas have solar-powered LED lights strung up on the inside of the spine. They give a soft light for up to eight hours after dark and are easy to maintain.
  4. Speaking of lights – you need lighting outside as well – try some good old-fashioned looking lanterns – they can be put on the table or hung in groups for more impact.
  5. Plants and flowers can create an outdoor oasis to your deck or patio.  Classic terra cotta pots are always a good bet, and new materials are being used to make pots lighter and easier to move, without sacrificing their looks.
  6. Wall art has moved outside – new weather-resistant wall art is the new look for this season – try a few pieces on the outside of your home to spruce up the deck or patio.
  7. Vases and tabletop accessories don’t need to be left inside – pottery holds up well in the elements.
  8. Bamboo screens – if you need to create an intimate seating area, or just hide an ugly part of your home, a bamboo screen may be the ticket.
  9. Rugs have hit the outdoors as well – not just a plain old sisal rug either – we’re talking colors and patterns that can make an outdoor seating area look like a designer showcase.
  10. Throw pillows covered in weather-resistant fabrics can pull a design or color scheme together in your outdoor living space, not to mention add a comfy look to your chaise.
You don’t need to sacrifice quality nor looks when you makeover your patio, deck or porch – there’s so many accessories you can add that don’t bust your budget.